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STC makes it onto Yahoo! Japan

So we found out earlier today (yes earlier) that we made Yahoo! Japan’s Entertainment News section!

We made headlines!

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AKB48 at NYAF & Webster Hall


While K-Pop group Brown Eyed Girls made their appearance at the Circle Nightclub in New York City, J-Pop group AKB48 finally graced over 1000 fans at Webster Hall in New York City. The group who were Guests of Honor at this years New York Anime Festival, did a mini live at the Convention Center, and held a private live at Webster Hall.

Sixteen members came to the event and surprised their fans by singing English versions of their songs, “BINGO!” and “Daikoe Diamond“.

Seeing all of you in AKB T-shirts is really surprising and over whelming. Even though there is a language barrier I am deeply moved,” said Minami.

For the encore the girls changed into “I ♥ New York” shirts, and sang four songs.

Akina praised the fans, “Everyone’s is cheers made this an exciting concert.

Sky Perfect TV will be airing the concert on 11/15 at 9PM in high definition.

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AKB48 – 1?

AKB48 fans are sad to hear that Shihori Suzuki has quite the group. She was recently promoted to be on Team B, when the group announced some big member changes at their Budokan live last weekend.

Shihori wrote on her blog that she did not want to continue with the group “half hearted”, while all the other members were working toward their dreams. Her last stage was on 8/29, but she will appear at one last handshake event on 9/20.

This also means she will not be attending NYAF on 9/27 in New York. Speaking oft the New York Anime Festival, they’ve finally made an official announcement of the groups’ appearance.

AKB48 will participate in a Q&A session and autograph signing. They will perform live at the Jacob Javits Center on 9/26. For those who can’t make it there your in luck because AKB48 will be doing a free, yes you read that correctly, free concert on 9/27 at Webster Hall.

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AKB48 +12 = way too many girls!


Idol group AKB48 announced at their Nippon Budokan concert this past weekend, that they will be shuffling their members. The change includes 12 new members and shuffling 4 members to SDN48.

Minami Takahashi (Team A), Sayaka Akimoto (Team K), and Yuki Kashiwagi (Team B) have been appointed as team captains; while teams A and K will have 17 members each, while Team B will have 16.

Kayo NoroMegumi OhoriYukari Sato, and Kazumi Urano have been transferred to SDN48. Kayo has been appointed as team captain for SDN48.

These changes will take effect as of October this year.

Don’t forget that will be in NY for New York Anime Festival. Even though the convention has yet to release an official word, inside sources have already confirmed this. So set your calendars and get ready New York, because a whole lot of Japanese girls will be invading your city next month. They also have set a date to perform a mini live at Webster Hall on 9/27, after the NYAF.

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