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w-inds. is all about the “New World” & “The Truth”


It has been exactly five months since w-inds. has announced any information on a new release. Well seven months after their big collaboration with Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, w-inds. is back with a new, double-A side single, “New World”/”The Truth~saigo no shinjutsu~.

The single will drop just in time for Christmas, on December 9. And will be a dance song. Top J-R&B creator, Ryosuke Imai, a producer who has worked with famous overseas artists.

When you purchase this single, you will be able to enter in a drawing to see w-inds. live. w-inds. will hold a Christmas live on 12/19 in Tokyo. This only comes in Limited Editions A and B.

Limited Edition A
1. New World *Imai’s version
2. The Truth~saigo no shinjutsu~
4. New World (Instrumental)
< DVD >
New World PV

Limited Edition B
1. Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~ *overseas artists tune
2. New World
4. Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~ (Instrumental)
< DVD >
Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~ PV

Regular Edition
1. New World
2. Truth~saigou no shinjutsu~

You can also order w-inds. new 2010 calendar.

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CHARA is single once again!


Singer chara and actor Asano Tadanobu announced on both of their official websites that their divorce is final. Both of them stated that the decision was mutual, they still have respect for each other and now are going their seperate paths. The couple had been married for 15 years, very loving, so this came as a shock to everyone when they announced their divorce.

Some say the reason for the divorce is chara was having an elicit affair with one of guys (in her PV) for her new song “breaking hearts“.

It hasn’t been decided where their two childen will end up as of now, but both will do what’s best for their kids. You will be able to get a glimpse of chara’s “breaking heart” in her song, as they are written in her new song.

♪Can you keep on loving only me? I really wonder…

illustration by chara

illustration by chara

I don’t know about you, but that looks like one happy broken heart, don’t you think?

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