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Will go you cha-cha-cha for LA chA TA?


Unlike most fans (99.9% of them), I didn’t have any expectations of f(x) (probably because I’m not a fan of SM groups). The teaser MV reminded me of SHINee and when they announced this group, I knew this was in retaliation to 2NE1.

Why? SNSD failed to beat out 2NE1 how many times? With this group and their style, you can’t tell me I’m wrong when I say, “2NE1 much?” The concept, style and timing are all too perfect.

How will SM beat out YG? This is how. When you watch the MV, they are the female version of SHINee. Much like how 2NE1 is the female version of Big Bang (although I disagree).  Don’t get me wrong, I really like f(x), they’re not SNSD. They can dance and most of all they aren’t based off of looks (like their seniors).

While you can go on many K-Pop blogs and find the history of this group, I’m not going to post that. I will say though, how stereo typical to put the Chinese-American as the rapper. Why do they have to make her look like a guy? Amber looks like she belongs in SHINee. I could have sworn I seen one of her outfits on Key. Oh look they did, poor Amber, she got recycled clothes. All they did was change the tank top, if you can’t see the similarities, I really can’t help you there.

key shinee amber f(x)

The way they styled her makes f(x) look like 1 guy and 4 girls. Now wouldn’t that be a scandal?

Anyways, have fun watching this MV, I know I do.  How long do you think before we’ll start seeing copy dances on YouTube? I give it another 30 minutes or so, if they’re not already up.

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Girls Generation is making all your wishes come true


Girls Generation has released their MV for “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” and the netizens are all over it like Micheal Jackson is to little boys.

SM finally released their music video at 10AM Korea time (6PM PST). As soon as that video went live, so did the thousand of fans scrounging the net for it for about 30 mintues before it’s initial release.

The video is cute, sexy, and well did I say cute? If one of them was your genie what would you wish for? I know what I’d wish for and it has to do with me being on TOP. The video is too addicting and flashy to not like it. I mean please, serisouly who wouldn’t like this video with many girls in marine unirforms? And if you’re wondering Girls, the marine corps would like you to be their spokesmodel for recruiting.


So yes, I couldn’t help but do this, because these photo’s were just screaming it.  You know you like it, and you’re probably right clicking on those photo’s while reading this.  If these were real I’d join and ask if I get that uniform too!  Just to let you know, they only look tall and look like they have long legs because of those booty shorts, heels and the camera angle. Take it from the bottom and you have a great shot… er angle.

On a side note, a good friend to the hip hop dance community here in L.A., Rino from Beat Freaks choreographed their dance for this song, that’s why it looks bomb. Rino is love and she knows it. If you live in L.A. or in the area come down and train with her, you may just be able to become a GG member yet!

Okay, its time to clean yourselves up ladies, better spray that Summer’s Eve and gents, better change that sock. I’m sure you wouldn’t want people walking in on you getting the wrong idea now would you?

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4minute’s MV isn’t even 4 minutes!

This song… is actually pretty catchy. A lot of the netizens are saying they are rip-off’s, but really… what girl group from Korea isn’t? I mean none of them are original. You’re just hating because they debuted after 2NE1 did!

I still say the 80’s want their crap back. Leave it there Korean stylists! Although for some reason… it fits these types of groups.

source: AllKPop

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