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Welcome Back Maki!

maki goto

Whatever happened to that cute little idol that was the center of attention when “Love Machine” first debuted 10 years ago? Well, she’s not so cute as to say she got hot after leaving Hello! Project. After 2-years of training, Maki Goto finally re-surfaces with a a new mini album, “Sweet Black“. The name reflects the ‘positive and negative’ sides of today’s women.

The mini album is due out 9/16. One track,“Tear Drops with KG,” will be the theme song in a mobile phone drama Onnya,starring 23-year-old model Anne.

Maki left Hello! Project 2 years ago, due to personal conflict with management and now is taking her solo career ‘serious’. She later joined Avex in June of last year.

During her 2-year absence she’s been seen Los Angeles training in dance and vocal with some of Hollywood’s top trainers. She also released three digital singles, and did various side projects that coincide with J-Wave, mixi, and YouTube. She was also a model in Japan’s biggest fashion show, Tokyo Girls Collection on March 7, 2009.

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Morning Musume and Crunchyroll?

Tsunku has done it again, this time with online stream site, Crunchyroll.

The group will send a message to all their fans around the world via Crunchyroll on 8/20, 12:00PM PST.

Within the last days of their live concert shows at the Nakano Sun Plaza, celebrated lead group of Hello! Project, MORNING MUSUME., will be sending out a special message to all their fans via the number one online destination for Anime and Asian Entertainment Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll Kabushiki Kaisha president Mr. Vince Shortino states, “I am extremely pleased and honored to be working with Hello! Project. Morning Musume. is an amazing band with a worldwide following. By utilizing Crunchyroll to communicate with fans, I truly feel that Crunchyroll can help bring the global fans of Morning Musume. closer.

Not that I hate Morning Musume., cause I really don’t. I actually like the old MomuSu members better than this new set. I’m just wondering why they would do it with Crunchyroll and not some place like Youtube. Youtube has way more hits and the advertisement would hit a broader audience. Crunchyroll targets anime fans. Youtube on the other hand just has everyone.

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Hangry performs in a musical!


Rika Ishikawa (Hangry) will star in a new musical called “Opera do Malandro Rio de Janero 1941” with singer-actress Marcia (40).

Set in 1940s Brazil, Ishikawa plays Ludmila – a young hottie from a well-to-do family who returns to Rio. She tries to court the affections of Max Overseas – a big-time pimp and smuggler – played by actor Tetsuya Bessho, 43.

Marcia, herself of Brazilian descent, plays Margot – a cabaret singer and prostitute who is in love with Max Overseas – and finds herself competing with the young Ludmila.

Bessho said at the press event held in Tokyo: “Seeing the girls fight over me on stage is just awesome. I urge everyone to come check it out.”

Ishikawa said: “I’ve worked with Marcia on stage once before, but if I hadn’t, I think I’d be scared,” to which Marica replied tongue-in-cheek: “You are the scary one.”

“Opera do Malandro” will be performed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space in Ikebukuro from July 25 to Aug 2.

Rika also participated in this year Anime Expo 2009, as a special guest to Morning Musume’s concert as Hangry of Hangry & Angry. She held an autograph and handshake event to meet all her fans.

credit: JapanToday

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Angry is angry at Hangry for being at AX!

Just kidding! She’s not.

Anime Expo announced that Hangry of Hangry & Angry duo, will be at attending as a guest and will be signing autographs. She will be singing autographs on July 3, from 4:30pm to 5:30pm, right after the Morning Musume concert.

That means MoMusu’s live is only an hour or so. You’d think with flying all the way here and playing at the NOKIA Theater, it’d be at least 2 hours. Oh well. I still want her outfit though. h.NAOTO rocks. By the way his new line just came out with some yukata’s that are $460! I’d so buy one if I didn’t have to pay so much crap and s&h wasn’t an arm and a leg.

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