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If Big Bang was gay this is what they’d look like.


Because some people took the word ‘gay’ or ‘gayer’ in the wrong way, we apologize (no we’re not being sarcastic), but all it was meant to say was, “If Big Bang was made to dress(look) in that style, this is what they would look like. Metro sexual is probably the phrase to put them.” Big Bang doesn’t dress like that (in coordination with each other), and MBLAQ does look fruity, even in their promo poster. I know half of you agree, that promo poster was just screaming everything that isn’t straight. Concept or not, if you’re going to dress, pose, look feminine like that, you’re asking for whatever comes to you. Plus they look like a wanna be Big Bang (music wise, not actual looks).

While a lot of people will like this group because Rain made them and/or because they think they’re cute; I personally don’t like a group based on looks (even if it does help). I gave them a shot, and it failed. So, I guess next time we’ll make a longer entry to explain things, rather than write a really short thought on something.

But the word ‘gay’ means happy. If people will always constantly take things to offense, we can’t help that. Not everyone has the same opinion. Not everyone wants to sit and explain things in a through manner. Unfortunately in our society, labels are used because when you use a ‘label’, people automatically know what you’re talking about. If you took that “gay” label as how society makes it out to be, then you’re just as guilty of using labels, even if you don’t mean it in a derogatory┬ámanner. People may not like labels, but people use them to describe others, just like preppy, nerd, diva, bitch, goth, punk, etc.

We have nothing against gay people. In fact we have a gay/lesbian writer on here, and they didn’t seem affected by what was said.

But the very short entry has turned into a long one now and not even about the group anymore.

I feel like this is similiar to the Jay Park situation (just on a cheaper scale obviously). Poor guy, said one thing and it gets blown out of proportion and gets thrown out of a country. We say one thing, and we “suck”.

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Octoberfest is not just about beer!

It’s all about the boy bands.

So with all the girl groups out in Korea, it looks like this month they’re tossing the PMS out and bringing the testosterone in.

Four groups and one solo artist will be releasing new songs. In which three of the five are set to make their debut and compete for the best male artist of the month (in our books).

tae yang

First up, Tae Yang. One of the lead vocals of Big Bang; made his solo debut last year with a number one selling mini album “HOT“, and comes back with a new digital single called “Where U At.” ┬áThe song is said to be about Tae Yang finding his true love. While he has stated that he has never had a girlfriend, Tae Yang I’m sure you won’t have a problem finding any applicants, it’s the interview process that’s going to be a b!#$h.


Second we have SHINee, releasing their third mini album, “2009, Year of Us” on 10/9. They just finished promotions in Japan for their second mini album, “Romeo“, and are finally resuming activities in Korea. You know with a title like “2009, Year of Us“, they may not be far off seeing as how DBSK will be going on hiatus for a bit. ┬áCoincidence? I think not. At least SME has some ‘new blood’ to fall back on and slave away.

Now we come to the three newbies into the scene.


First up we have B2ST aka Boys 2 Search the Top. Okay really is that name necessary? B2ST is pronounced “Beast”, but when I see the name I want to say “Best” or “Backstreet”. This is a six member group that has some not-so-new members to the music scene. Jang Jyun Seung auditioned for Big Bang, Yoon Doo Joon auditioned for One Day, both obviously were eliminated. AJ made a previous solo debut and Poppin’ Dragon used to belong to a boy band called Xing. The last two members, Yang Yo Seob and Son Dong Woon are new to the scene. Let’s hope they don’t choke and that their sunbae’s are helping them out.

child of empire

Second is Child of Empire. This group has nine members (NEWS anyone?). They are under Star Empire Entertainment and already have people buzzin’. The group is not set to make an official debut until 11/28, but from September to November the group will do a nationwide guerilla concerts.


Last and not least is Rain’s boy band MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality). I think Rain stayed way to long in the states to come up with a wack name like that. I feel like he ripped off B2K or Blackstreet. Rain hand picked these boys and trained them himself. So they better be good, because if not, well that just goes to show you what kind of taste he’s got now don’t it? He did release a teaser poster of the group. Can we say cover of Qr, Unzipped and Instinct Magazines? Sorry, but you can not look at that photo and not think that.

With all these groups coming out, I personally look forward to Tae Yang and Child of Empire. Why? Because when I see that photo of them, I feel like breaking out into a commercial. That photo looks like an ad for a really nice clothing store.

source: allkpop

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