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A collection KARA SS501

all-my-love ss501

SS501 will release a new 3-disc DVD, MBC Collection. Each DVD will contain rare footage, of never before scenes from the boys. Disc1 is a documentary of their history, disc 2 shows performance footage and disc 3 will reveal private footage of their travel to Thailand, fan event footage, interview with the members, etc. This collections also includes a 100-page deluxe photobook. (Pre-order at CDJ)

The DVD will be out on 11/25 through Universal Music Japan (UMJ). Coincidentaly the same Japanese label as Big Bang.  I’m not sure if they changed labels in Japan, because their label in Japan has been Pony Canyon. This might have something to do with KARA making their debut in Japan later this year.


If they did change managements in Japan, I can’t help but think it’s because UMJ has done so well with Big Bang. SS501 hasn’t received that type of promotion in Japan and they’ve been there for over a year.

DSP Entertaiment said, “KARA’s Japanese management feels KARA has huge potential in Japan and we will begin full on promotions as originally planned.

It’s said that many of the industry professionals believe that KARA has the most potential of all girl groups in Korea. Which is probably true; they fit Japan’s image very well for idol groups. Yes I said idol, because that’s what they will be classfied as in Japan. Also, how much you want to bet that their music will be the epitomy of J-Pop and go against acts such as SPEED and MAX? They’ve been needing competition for quite some time, it looks like Korea is the place that can bring in some game.

Good luck to them, they will need it, especially in that Japan.

note: If you’re wondering about the title of this post, “kara” means “from” in Japanese.

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I really can’t wait for these releases. Why? Because I love all these artists. This will be the first concert tour with the original members of MAX. I hope its just as good as the last one, which was 2001? And even though I’m not really a huge fan of Lead’s new single, I do have to admit it’s pretty catchy. Give it a few days after I get my copy and I’ll probably like it. ….and SPEED, how I love thee, but do you really need to release yet ~another~ best album? I mean seriously, I would like a whole new album please. K Thanks!

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Here are some up coming releases from VF Artist: MAX, DA PUMP, Nana Tanimura, AKB Idoling!!!

MAX will be releasing a new single 7/22/09 called, “Rough Cut Diamond”.  It’s been 3 years since their last summer dance number. I’m excited for this! Mina is back and all is right with the world… well at least in the JPop world of girl bands.

【CD+DVD】 Y1800 (AVCD-16182/B)
【CDのみ】 Y1050 (AVCD-16181)

Track list
01: ラフカット ダイアモンド
02: The Power Of Love
03: ラフカット ダイアモンド (Instrumental)
04: The Power Of Love (Instrumental)
01:ラフカット ダイアモンド <MUSIC CLIP>

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