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G-Dragon, Big Bang and 2NE1 scrutinized for plagiarism?

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Ooo the YG Family is in trouble… it is never a dull day in K-Pop.

One of the big scandals last month was whether or not G-Dragon is a plagiarizer. His songs “Heartbreaker” and “Butterfly” are said to have been “plagiarized” because they resemble Flo rida’s “Right Round” and Oasis’ “She’s Electric”.

Not only that, but Big Bang‘s “With U” and 2NE1‘s “I don’t Care” is said to carry the same weight with Lionel Richie’s “Just Go”.

ATV Music Publishing, the South Korean branch of Sony, announced their decision on the matter. On Korean show, Current Affairs Magazine 2580, reported that Sony officials sent YG Entertainment letters containing a warning regarding these issues.

“It was a hard decision for the music critics. However, they decided that there were similarities and accordingly issued a warning letter to the production company and composers. They have also denied YG Entertainment the permission to promote these songs,”* said a Sony legal representative.

YG Entertainment has yet to release an official statement in regards to the matter.

Well one things for sure, YG sure knows how to stay in the media.

For some of us, this is being blown a bit more out of proportion. There are many songs that recycle in every country. J-Pop has been to have these same “similarities” (PENICILLIN‘s “fantasia” to No Doubts’ “Spider Webs”). America’s own LMFAO’s “La La La” sounds similar to Big Bang‘s “Haru Haru” and “Lies” with a bit of remixing. There are many songs here in America that recycle beats over and over again, and I’m sure not all of them asked permission either.

Sometimes netizens just need to keep things to themselves or at least not make such a big deal out of things. Because if things get even more messier for G-Dragon and the YG Family, we might just see something similar to Jay Park, and it will be the netizen’s at fault… again.

source: kbites, allkpop
*cited from allkpop

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The truth about ‘Heartbreaker’ Part III


Just a little more ‘I really don’t care’ about this issue news.

The owner’s of Flo rida’sRight Round” and Oasis’ “She’s electric” have made some statements regarding G-Dragon‘s supposed plagiarism.

They stated, “The 10 composers to ‘Right Round’ have not all expressed their opinion on this issue until. We had sent samples of GDragon’s songs to the parties involved for the 2 songs ‘Right Round’ and ‘She’s Electric.” Also, “There are indeed similarities between ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Right Round’ and between ‘Butterfly’ and ‘She’s Electric’. It is hard to say if it is plagiarism at this stage. We will all go with the final decision of the composers to the song.”*

Sony ATV commented that, “Sampling and remaking of a song by using part of the original should be allowed; but sampling without permission is not. The individual should try his/her best to make their own music/work every-time, so as to protect the copyright of others’ works. The piece of work should be the creator’s own expression and not just the idea or title.”*

All that means is that they should just use the original as inspiration. They do have a point though with the following trend. Many artists recycle beats, if they really want to get into it, they should come back to America and sue half of the artists now because at least 75% of the music has recycled beats. I can’t even begin to tell you how many songs I’ve heard on the radio and thought it was one song but in fact it was another.

Also there is this thing about following trend. There may be cases when people or music experts will listen to a song A and think that it plagiarises song B, but that is because listening to it makes one think about the special characteristics of song B.”*

If they’re going to say that G-Dragon plagiarized, then Teddy, GD and who ever worked on Big Bang‘s Haru Haru, Lies and Heaven needs to get on LMFAO butt for literally taking those songs and re-making it into “La La La“. If any of you who listen to that song and don’t hear Big Bang, you need to clean your ears.

About GD‘s naked girl shirt, you go boy. Who cares if he has a shirt of a naked woman? He’s a grown man, of age and probably wants some of his own. He’s crying out for help; if wearing a naked woman on a shirt is as close as he’s gonna get to a naked woman right now, let the guy be please. K Thanks.

Everyone, try to be open minded. Anti’s try to get a life and stop meddling in the lives of people who you wish were friends with or jealous of. Karma sucks you know.

cited: sookyeong@kbites

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Music Ripoffs!

I’ve been meaning to put this up, but since netizen’s are flaming F.T. Island‘s new album for have similar or copied songs to certain artists, I felt the need to bring this up. Why? Because it has been annoying me ever since I heard it on the radio.

OK honestly, every freakin song is recycled these people need to realize that. I could name a crap load of songs that have the same chords but just on a diff note.

Netizen’s are claiming that F.T. Island‘s new album has a few ‘copied‘ songs. They need to get off that and get on LMFAO ass about ripping off Big Bang‘s songs. I mean really, they took Big Bang songs and mushed it into one song not to mention the melody too.

Netizens, you’re getting it wrong. Stop hating and hate on the real people who ripp off our beloved K-Pop artists! It’s not just a re-mix either. People actually think their “la la la” is an original. YG!? WTF aren’t you doing anything?

Big Bang – Heaven

LMFAO – la la la

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