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He’s making it RAIN in Japan!


Bi made it ‘rain’ in Japan this past weekend. On 8/29 and 8/30, RAIN performed at Saitama Super Arena. It’s been two years since he’s been back in Japan, so this year he made it rain for his “LEGEND OF RAINISM 2009/RAIN ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN”.

For his show on 9/29, he kept everything simple; nothing fancy, just him and a back band. He wanted everyone to focus on his performance more than anything else.

He also paid tribute to Michael Jackson by performing a hot dance to “Billie Jean”.

“He was the best performer. It’s because of him music is what it is today. It’s because of him that I started to dance; he is someone I will always respect.”

RAIN performed 25 songs including, It’s Raining, Running away from the Sun, I Do, I’m Coming, BAD BOY, Love Story, RAINISM, etc.

His show was so hot, that at one point some of the fans looked away because RAIN was half naked and dancing “sexy” with one of the female dancers.

You know I bet if Megan Fox saw that dance, hot and jealous all at the same time. She would be hating on that dancer. Oh well.

It’s sad Michael died on my birthday and RAIN‘s. Well we can take comfort in knowing that people won’t be forgetting our birthdays anytime soon.

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