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Akanishi Jin’s ‘Solo Debut’

Akanishi Jin

Well his wish finally came true.

Jin Akanishi of KAT-TUN is finally going solo, and with good timing. He’s been bugging about doing stuff on his own, and what Jin wants Jin gets sometimes.

Last year, Jin was busy filming a movie called, BANDAGE, which coincidently is about a young man who makes it in the music industry and his career.  Except in the movie is he the lead singer of a band called, LANDS, that ends up having a solo career.

The director has also enlisted music producer, Takeshi Kobayashi (Mr. Children) to play keyboards on the track.

The song will be relatively different from KAT-TUN, as this is a rock song and not a dance tune.

How will this tune sound? Get ready to wet your chonies girls, because even I seem to think it’s a pretty darn good mesh, and I don’t even like him. Think of Duran Duran and imagine Jin singing, and well, you get the picture.

Jin also did a solo performance at this years Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show with Kobayashi on guitar. His appeal and presence is different from his in KAT-TUN, as the song was soft, ballad and powerful.

I really wanted to show my style of music. This song is a reflection of me and Kobayashi-san really captured it,” said Jin.

Both his role in the movie, BANDAGE (which will be released 2010/1/16), has the same name for his solo debut outside of KAT-TUN, “LANDS”.

Honestly with all the stuff that’s happened with him in the past, I laugh that he’s the first one from the group to even get a ‘solo’ debut. Then again, he really is the only one that I can tolerate, singing wise, from KAT-TUN.

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