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Get remixed by Ken Ishii

ken ishii

Ken Ishii who made his debut 15 years ago will release a best album and remix album.

KI15 – The Best of Ken Ishii” and “The Works + The Unreleased & Unexpected” are bot scheduled to drop 11/15.

His remix album will includes remixes by DJ KRUSH, KEN, Shing02, Derrick May, Boredoms, Denki Groove, etc. Expect to this be an awesome because they have some pretty sick remixers working on this.

Also included in the remix album is an unreleased track called “Overdriver feat. Shing02“, which Ken will remix himself.

ken ishii Best
KI15 – The Best of Ken Ishii
2310yen (tax in) / cat# IDCK-1005
01 Garden On The Palm
02 Pneuma
03 Extra
04 Overlap
05 Circular Motion
06 Echo Exit
07 Butter Bump
08 Fire In White (Nagano Olympic ’98)
09 Game Over (feat. Co-Fusion)
10 Iceblink
11 Awakening
12 Sunriser (feat. 7th Gate)
pre-order: cdj | amazon jp

ken ishii Works
The Works + The Unreleased & Unexpected
2310yen / cat# IDCK-1006
01 Rebore Vol.2 / Boredoms
02 Sametape? (Ken Ishii Remix) / Hiroshi Fujiwara
03 Vampirella (Ken Ishii Mix) / Subvoice
04 The Begining (Ken Ishii Remix) / Derrick May
05 Overdriver feat Shing02 (Unreleased) / Ken Ishii
06 Once In a Lifetime ( Unreleased) / Ken Ishii
07 Calme Ta Joie – (Ken Ishii Remix) / Clementine
08 DJ Krush Theme (Ken Ishii Remix) / DJ Krush
09 Come Out (Ken Ishii Remix) / Steve Reich
10 N.O.(Ken Ishii Remix) / Denki Groove
11 Good Life 99 (Ken Ishii Remix) / Inner City
pre-order: cdj | amazon jp

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