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Get to know Nakamaru a tiny bit more


“A serious person. Someone who always does their best. A Johnny’s member who doesn’t mess around.”

And that person is KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamaru.

He’s someone in Johnny’s that’s on the honor roll and rarely in any scandals.

Finally some insight on Nakamaru’s past love life.

[There’s a girl that Nakamaru was involved with before. She was a very simple girl. Without going into full details, it was around his senior high school time and we’re together for about five years. They broke up, but up until last year, they had no contact. It’s like they started where they left off and looks serious too.]

The girl from his high school seems to be working in a company office, really normal; its more his type. Nakamaru was classmates with this girl. Because of the girl’s parents being really strict, they had a tough time back then.

“Nakamaru would go to her window at night, since her dad was really strict about not letting her go out at night.”

Nakamaru’s dad is a police officer so he had to think things over carefully. Nakamaru is a top idol, so things are different for him, but he was still serious about her and kept in contact, even after all this time.

“The difference between Nakamaru and the other’s is that he is nice and gentle to everyone, he doesn’t discriminate. He’s also not a playboy, you can tell by his level of seriousness and how he seperates himself.” (A female friend of Nakamaru)

It’s a wonder how he got into the same group as Koki Tanaka and is able treat him like everyone else?

Even though it said that the members of KAT-TUN don’t get along, Nakamaru seems to be the only one that can stay out of the media.

source: tanteifile

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A nice warm welcome for Junno

Taguchi Rena

It was only six days ago that Junnosuke Taguchi of KAT-TUN and actress, Rena Komine, were spotted at Narita Airport for a lovey-dovey get-a-way.

Well they’re back and Junno has a few words for the press that was eagerly awaiting for them. “I’m sorry.”

After that came the flood of questions, to which, he did not answer.

Well I wouldn’t answer either if I came back from Hawai’i in a pink shirt, jeans and sunglasses. I’d want to get home as soon as possible.

Oh Junno, what are you sorry for? So what if you like older women? I guess as long as she ain’t ugly your good to go. Besides it’s not like your as wanted as Jin or Kame, because we all know KAT-TUN is really just those two.

source: sanspo

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Who’s that girl? Part II


“I saw Koki Tanaka in front of Kanamachi Station as I was walking. He was trying to disguise himself but I could tell it was him.”

Koki said, “It’s so croweded in Shibuya, everyone is like a sardine, there’s no room to walk. I just kind of felt like I wanted others to notice me.” But walking around downtown with a disguise isn’t strange, is it?

I guess the dilemma is the place in question; where he was at. It’s where his ex-girlfriend, Yuu Kinoshita lives. It has been a couple of years since then, especially since she confessed to someone else there (Toshiji Fujiwara)…. but why would you go to a place like that alone?

“When he was going out with Kinoshita, this is the place her and her friends would go and hang out. It also looked like it was with her little sister too.

It does look like that the girl is his ex-gf’s little sister. Her and her friend went to meet him in front of the station. This certainly sounds like a scandal, especially since he’s an idol and part of Johnny’s Entertainment.

“I’m not sure if he got the other girl’s number, since my friend only heard part of their conversation. It feels like he was trying too hard. He definitely looked like he was trying to get the girl’s number, like he was possesed.”

By the way, about his current relationship, “He started going out with her 2 weeks ago, but I don’t know who it is. It’s possible he was just fooling around with that other girl.”

There are many celebrities like Koki that have a lot of girlfriends. “The ones that look like they are mad, are the cool looking ones.” That was part of our conversation, its just one scandal after another, one girl after another, like a play.

Oh why would anyone give this boy a second look? Even a first one? I’ve heard things about him and it just makes me wonder why girls are attracted to him. Maybe because he’s a Johnny’s boy, but still. He tries so hard at trying to be cool, it makes him look un-cool. I remember when I was in Kabukicho last year around Christmas time, I could have sworn I saw him, but I wasn’t sure. It certainly looked like him, but all Japanese boys look identical. It didn’t help he stared at me for a good while, but that was probably because I was staring back at him because he looked familiar.

source: tanteifile

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Oh Jin, you remind me of my old friend…

That looked exactly how you do in that photo below when he’s wasted and high off his arse.

Remember when Jin was banished to L.A. oh so few years ago? Then this photo and this photo showed up. Well low and behold, new one’s have surfaced, and you know what, we are so happy about it. Why? Because for the longest time, we were beginning to think K-Pop was the only industry that had interesting gossip stories.


“The string of “drug scandals” from Oshio Manabu and Sakai Noriko are still dragging on in the entertainment industry. We’ve all seen the Cyber Nori-P ‘tweaking DJ play” video and there are stories of clubs and outside raves being shown as hotbeds of drugs, but now some old pictures of KAT-TUN’s Akanishi Jin have surfaced again and are causing a stir.

“The pictures were taken about a year ago, I guess. Before, some pictures of Akanishi being crazy at a club leaked from Facebook, and they seemed to have leaked the same way this time too. Looking back, there’s no Johnny’s talent that’s had this many private pictures leaked of them. You can sure see how he’s surrounded by some ‘great friends’ ha.” (magazine staff)


The pictures of him with singer BENI, who he was rumored to have dated at one point, and another with him real close with another half-Japanese girl have made him into someone who shocks his fans. But more than that, what’s crazy is his face.

“His eyes look blank and he looks pale; he looks real busted. Totally wasted… but with this timing, all I can think of is drugs.” (same magazine staff)

But whether Akanishi himself knows that the pictures have leaked, it’s amazing how he hasn’t changed a thing about his lifestyle.

“In August, KAT-TUN went all around for their summer concerts, but during that time Akanishi would still haunt the clubs as usual. One time, there was a day he was late for rehearsal and the word amongst concerned fans was ‘Maybe… he’s being investigated??’ haha. In the end, it seems he just went out all night the day before and it was just a result of oversleeping. Much ado about nothing, right?” (fan)

In this crazy lifestyle, at once point “best friends” Yama-P and actor Shirota Yuu have now turned on him, and now he spends his time with former tennis player Miyao (who was arrested for drugs last year) and former NEWS member Kusano.

“Even during this tour, there were days when he was super happy, like shouting ‘dickkkk’ during his MCs over and over again, but then also days where he was all sulky and wouldn’t take off his sunglasses or come out for encores. He seemed a bit unstable, mentally. He’s always been one to vent his emotions, but he’s not a kid anymore so I’d like him to get some professionalism and get serious about work.” (same fan)

“Bandage,” which stars Akanishi, opens 1/16/10, so he’ll soon start promotion for it. Maybe he should look into showing some restraint regarding his “club activities” before more weird stories come out?”

Thank you whoever on facebook for posting these and making us love Jyani’s again. Because really, we were getting really tired of all the netizens anti’s in K-Pop.

source: cyzo, arama
translations: dinghy@lj

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Who’s got a tattoo on their arse!?


Koki Tanaka does, so to speak. So I came upon an entry that made me laugh to myself as I was reading it. Then the picture came and I laughed even more, because really, who does that?


Koki is known to be the clubber, the bad boy of KAT-TUN, but really he’s just a wanna-be. If you’re gonna be all that, don’t be in an idol group. No, really, don’t, you end up ruining the image other youngin’s have of being an idol. That or it gives them something to look forward to.

A report from A-san via uwasako:

“I saw Koki’s tattoos for the first time in June,” A-san said. She explains she met him one night when she went to a club in Roppongi with some friends and she also spoke of an encounter with him in Shibuya. “Everyone knows he likes to go clubbing. The event in Roppongi but was packed with groupies so he said, ‘Let’s go someplace else,’ so we went to his house.”

A-san described Koki’s clothes as b-boy style complete with sideways cap and a pair of Tanaka Koki original sneakers.

The group went to Koki’s apartment, which has a view of Tokyo Tower. A-san claims his place is pretty fly but then tells us he has leopard print carpet, thus rendering her statement invalid.

With all his sneakers, his wall looked like a shoe store display. He also had some gold sparkly dragon artwork or something and CDs on display. On his table, which also had a picture of dragon, he put beer, tequila, and gin.

Everyone’s drinking and having a good time and that’s when the tattoo show starts. When asked if he had any new ones he started showing them off. “He has a musical note on his wrist (a clef). I’d heard about it but was really surprised to see it. Koki said Japanese people mustn’t forget the Japanese spirit (大和魂 – yamato damashii) so he has a one that says ‘yamato.'”
This is on the inside of his lip, by the way.

When asked if it was okay him to have tattoos even though he’s an idol he said, “It does look bad, but there’s more to life than work. My private life is important to me, too. I’m only one man.”

Well at least we know there are people out in Japan who are willing to share this info and JE can’t do a damn thing about it.

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The Kanjani band-aid award goes to…?

So it’s been rumored there’s a girl, namely Ayaka, who’s one of the JE sluts girls, is now going out with Shota Yasuda of Kanjani 7 8. What they thought was KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamura‘s ex-gf, is now Ayaka Komatsu.

Both Yasuda and Komatsu are in the play Kagotsurebe and have gotten quite close. They have been seen on several dates as well.

According to certain fans, Ayaka was also rumored to be bed buddies with Kanjani 8 member, Tadayoshi Ohkura. Honestly its probably the guy that looks like Ohkura that works at a host club in Osaka. Yes, you read that right, at a host club, in Osaka, lies a Ohkura look-a-like.

Again, though, that Ohkura/Ayaka is just a rumor; but we all know better right? It doesn’t really matter since Yasuda pretty much claimed dibbs on her anyways.

What they need to do is make a big chart or list, so they know who’s been with who, that way nobody gets confused and gets thirds or fourths.

source: Scoop! Entertainment

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