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Two more down, three more to go


A case of the influenza A strain is certainly making its way through Johnny’s boys.

Kanjani∞ members Yuu Yokoyama and Tadayoshi Ohkura are down for the count, making this four of the seven boys down.

No need for details, I’m sure you don’t really care that Ohkura has a 38.2°C temperature, or that Yokoyama has a 38°C temperature.

It looks like that virus has it in for Johnny’s boys. Who will be next? Will the members of NEWS or perhaps KAT-TUN, be the next target? One could only hope (just kidding).

source: sanspo

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Shota Yasuda contracts Influenza A

yasuda shota

Kanjani∞ member, Shota Yasuda (24) has contracted the influenza A strain. Three days earlier (9/1), Kanjani∞ finished a show in Nagoya which was being filmed for DVD. Upon arriving back in Tokyo his temperature rose to 37°C and results from the strain tested positive. Today Yasuda is resting in his home and his temperature has dropped to 34°C.

Yasuda is currently filming the NHK drama, ROMES, that is scheduled to air on 10/15. Today (JST) is the fifth day of filming and because he can not participate in the shooting, the filming has been cancelled.

Fellow member Ryo Nishikido, along with other Johnny’s member Tomohisa Yamashita also contracted the virus in late August.

This adds to the growing number of people in Japan who have contracted this virus. There have been other celebrities who are infected, but there are many other non-celebrities who have been infected and died from the strain.

If you have the virus you need to keep away from everyone. That means do not go to work, and if your work has to halt production and/or they film the scenes without you in it, then that’s what should be done. You should not be made to go to work. This could have been prevented if Ryo just stayed home.

Now if Seira Kagami, who is rumored to be seeing Yamapi, gets the virus then that should ‘confirm’ and ‘clear’ any rumors. But then again, it could all be just one big coincidence.

What is the best way for this virus not to spread? Sit your butt home until it’s gone. Why ruin it for the rest of the country?

source: sponichi

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The Kanjani band-aid award goes to…?

So it’s been rumored there’s a girl, namely Ayaka, who’s one of the JE sluts girls, is now going out with Shota Yasuda of Kanjani 7 8. What they thought was KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamura‘s ex-gf, is now Ayaka Komatsu.

Both Yasuda and Komatsu are in the play Kagotsurebe and have gotten quite close. They have been seen on several dates as well.

According to certain fans, Ayaka was also rumored to be bed buddies with Kanjani 8 member, Tadayoshi Ohkura. Honestly its probably the guy that looks like Ohkura that works at a host club in Osaka. Yes, you read that right, at a host club, in Osaka, lies a Ohkura look-a-like.

Again, though, that Ohkura/Ayaka is just a rumor; but we all know better right? It doesn’t really matter since Yasuda pretty much claimed dibbs on her anyways.

What they need to do is make a big chart or list, so they know who’s been with who, that way nobody gets confused and gets thirds or fourths.

source: Scoop! Entertainment

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