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G.O.D.’s Danny is a servant

danny ahn

G.O.D.’s Danny Ahn stars in his first action samurai drama, CHUNO. He will play a “top guy” in the KBS special.

Danny who’s always playing the cool and soft type in dramas, is finally playing a different type of role in this movie.

The movie includes some flying, intense martial arts that has Danny training six hours a day in military arts, swordplay and horseback riding.

Danny plays a servant and half brother to Kim Sonfan (Jeewon Cho), who is a loyal retainer and hunts after a run away servant.

The drama is scheduled to start early 2010.

source: wowkorea

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The “Original” F4 beats out all the rest!

Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, Shan Cai, Mei Zuo, Daoming Si

Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, Shan Cai, Mei Zuo, Daoming Si

Old news is still GOOD news!
The “original” F4 of the popular drama of “Hana Yori Dango” (aka “Meteor Garden”, aka “Boy over Flowers) beat out the rest! I told you all! The Taiwan version can’t be beat! No matter how good looking Yi Jung is!

You know looking at them…. ZaiZai and Jerry hotness, make you wish you were Shan Cai (Xú Xīyuàn)! She’s a lucky girl! She was dotted on time and time again and had sexy arms holding her! I admit it, I’m jealous! I still love you though Xú Xīyuàn!

Doumiyoji Tsuaka/Dao Ming Si/Goo Jun Pyo
Jerry Yan came in first place with 1,200,000 votes and beat out Matsumoto Jun and Lee MinHo.

Hanazawa Rui/Hua Ze Lei/Yoon Ji Hoo
Zhōu Yúmín (aka ZaiZai) came in first place 1,140,000 votes and left Ohguri Shun and Ji Hoo in the dust and tied. Even Yoko Kamio loved him best!

Nishikado Soujirou/Xi Men/Kim Bum
Ken Zhu came in first place 610,000 votes beating out Matsuda Shota and So Yi Jung. (Personally, I loved all three! But YiJung had to grow on me… so did Ken. I would say the netizens got this one wrong!)

The poll was conducted on a blog and I thought I’d share it, because HYD is my favorite manga!

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K-drama’s are the “anime” sensation of Japan…

for NOW and at least for the women! The new South Korean culture center is now open! In Shinjuku no less! Right next to Kabukicho! Give a reason for all those women to go to host clubs now!

The hall holds 307 people that will hold events, screen movies and anything else related to South Korea. You can learn Korean, tae kwon do and even try on Korean dresses! With all this why go to Korea when you can go to Shinjuku?

‘‘I want to learn Korean culture and language here,’’ said a 49-year-old woman from the city of Chiba who was visiting the center. ‘‘If you go on a tour for fans of Korean movies, you don’t get to enjoy sightseeing much because you’re too busy attending events related to Korean actors.’’

But really, since Japan started airing all those K-drama’s (not to mention stealing Korean celebs aka BoA, DBSK, Big Bang, etc.), all the sudden the 40 something year old’s want to take Korean classes! Here I thought people of their age hated Korean’s because you know, they can’t let go of that old war hatred and whatnot. But apparently a good looking pair of faces and bottoms can make that all GO AWAY!.

source: JapanToday

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