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Has Blue Lan and Jocelyn Wang finally been outted?

blue lan jocelyn wang

For some time Blue Lan (Lan Zheng Long) and Jocelyn Wang (Wang Yi Ren) were rumored to be an item, but have denied allegations. Finally the truth is out. The rumored two have been confirmed.

Both of them are working on a drama called, “Easy Fortune, Happy Life.” The couple have been hiding their relationship. They’ve been pretending not to have any type of relationship when in fact, they are actually together.

On 9/23 there was an after party for the cast and crew of “Easy Fortune, Happy Life.” After the after party, both Blue and Jocelyn went karaoke to ‘continue’ the party. Both were seen going their separately, but witnesses say they saw the two of them hugging and kissing each other at the karaoke suite.

Jocelyn left first going home to change then going to his apartment. She is said to have a key to his apartment because she got to Blue’s apartment before he did. Blue was drunk, so his manager had to take him home.

Jocelyn was seen leaving Blue’s apartment the next day around 4 p.m.. carrying the same bag that she brought to the party the night before.

source: nextmedia
translation: ayu

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