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They finally got their own fanclub…

hey say jump

And all they needed to do was sell out Tokyo Dome to do it.

As all Johnny’s boys do, when you can sell out 100,000 tickets to Tokyo Dome, you of course get rewarded. With what you ask? Well a fanclub of course.

The Johnny’s group, Hey! Say! JUMP that debuted on 12/2007 (officially), performed at Tokyo Dome and catering to 100,000 fans. So to commemorate this event, Johnny’s Entertainment has blessed the group with their very own fanclub.

“We were really happy when we first started and arrived at Tokyo Dome,” said Kouta Yabu.

Of course if you were under a specific age, you needed your guardian with you, because like all JE groups, someone’s always got to be half naked. This time it was 16-year old Ryosuke Yamada who bared his skinny anorexic body during “Mayonaka no Shadow Boy”, along with 29 other songs.

The group will start their winter show, expecting at least 5,500 happy fans.

All this means is more money to spend on the same mundane acts known as Johnny’s. Because you know, everytime one of these groups comes out, you get something different everytime.

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Crystal Kay and Jin Akanishi… together

crystal kay

Crystal Kay announced that her new album, “BEST OF CRYSTAL KAY” will have a second premium disc with the limited edition. The disc will contain four songs done with some of the major players in the music biz.

The songs contain production by m-flo’s Taku Takahasi for the song, Over and Over. The song is also a theme song for the MBS show DRESS; is also used for NTT East’s FLET commercial. Song produced by Yasutaka Nakata, “Step by Step”, will be the theme song to anime Jungle Taite (Jungle Emperor Leo).

She even has two of hip hop’s hottest producers, MUMMY-D and KREVA doing “Private Dancers”. While she sings a duet with singer, Jin Akanishi called, “Helpless Night”.

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