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Korean netizens are at it again

wonder girls

But this time towards American culture. According to allkpop:

Photos of the Wonder Girls signing autographs for a fan in America have recently made their way into Korean cyberspace, making Korean Wonderfuls very angry.

The photos made Korean Wonderfuls really angry which showed Sohee and Yubin, reaching over the table to sign on a worn sneaker of a fan who had placed it on the table. They felt that this was a mark of disrespect to the Wonder Girls.

Fans chided this particular American fan saying that even though the Wonder Girls weren’t that famous yet in America, they shouldn’t be subjected to this sort of humilation. Another felt that the Wonder Girls shouldn’t have signed for this fan in this manner in the first place. Many fans felt really sorry for the Wonder Girls and sincerely hope that the Wonder Girls will soon gain a foothold in America with their songs.

Is this just a cultural difference or is it being disrespectful? Other than Korean Wonderfuls and some overseas Wonderfuls, it’s nothing short of a cultural difference. Even Yuubin and Sohee saw nothing wrong with it.

While allkpop reports an eyewitness saying “it was not simply a case of cultural differences. This particular woman was accompanied by two others and when it was their turn to get autographs, this woman rudely placed her leg onto the table for Yubin and Sohee to autograph. She later laughed after getting her sneaker autographed before leaving.”

According to the eyewitness who was behind them, “Even in America, it’s rude to place your dirty worn sneaker onto the table and ask for it to be autographed. The Wonder Girls did not say anything and just signed their autographs, but it did not look nice. No wonder the Korean Wonderfuls are irate since they are a hugely popular group in Korea.”(allkpop)

At the same time a JYP representative said, “Looking at the photos, this seemed to have been taken at a fan signing event on 17th August and was organized by 93.3 FLZ radio station. But from our memory, it wasn’t quite rude like what the eyewitness had said and didn’t make the Wonder Girls uncomfortable or anything. We hope that the Wonder Girls will not be affected by this report.”

Is this just a case of Korean netizen’s looking for attention again? I think so. While some may agree that its disrespectful no matter what cultural you’re in, I bet it’s also those same people who think its okay to have a pair of boobs get signed. Is flashing an artist and have them sign their chest disrespectful? No. People do it all the time and yet it’s okay, but when you think about, one can say it is degrading to women on some level, but at the same time it’s not.

It’s matter of how things are done in one’s country. How fans react in America is very different from fans in Korea. Take the Jay Park incident. American’s shrugged that comment off, but Korean netizen’s made it so huge that it forced him to leave not just the group and company, but the country as well.

Another account can be the Dream concert that happened last year. SM Town holds a concert with all their artists, yet SuJu, SNSD, DBSK fans were at each other as if they were enemies. If you don’t remember this incident, it’s when a whole lot of fans got hurt from other artists fanclubs’ that belong to the same company. Reports of stabbing, fighting, water pouring, no cheering, and even rape, were mentioned.

If anything the fans in Korea just take fandom to a whole new level, a level in which even Bbaek-Ga of Koyote has lost respect for. Korean fans make Japanese fans look sane, and that’s an accomplishment, considering I’ve seen how those fans can get.

What do you think? Was it just a cultural difference or have the Korean fans taken it too fan, again?

source: allkpop

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Jay safe at home


Jay arrived safely yesterday in his home in Seattle. A hottest spotted him at SEATAC and reported her encounter on 2ch:

jay park-2ch

“We saw him at SEATAC, he broke into tears when he saw his mother.
It was heartbreaking, she cradled his face and wiped his tears.

When he was by the baggage claim, he kept saying how sorry he was to his parents. It was just heart wrenching.

One of the girls who was with us, got the picture of his mom wiping his tears. It was just so full of emotion, I didn’t have the heart to even approach him and break up the family moment.”

jay park -2ch

Another poster said she recieved this from her friend:

“dear everyone. jay came home safely.
he’s actually napping behind me. i’ve received countless emails concerning this situation.
the honest truth is, even though you all support and love him, the situation doesn’t allow it. please respect both his and jyp’s decision.
let him have a good rest while he’s in the states. and if the circumstances allow for him to return, be supportive then.
again, thank you for the emails but he needs time and so does everyone else. thank you everyone!

p.s. i don’t think you’re weird or a stalker for sending those emails. it’s very heart warming and touching that so many people love jay. thank you.”

I don’t know who posted these, but as for the second poster, I’m just the messenger. I don’t know how close or what type of relationship that person has with Jay, but at least it’s a nice message.

Other netizens on 2ch have expressed their concerns, concerning Korean fans, saying, “Is it because of the netizens again?”, “It’s a scary country”, and “Didn’t someone commit suicide before (because of netizens)?”* (cited from akp)

I’ve been reading posts from other fans on 2ch have expressed that they hate Korean fans. One even wrote, “2PM will always be a 7 member group and it will never change.”

While I can say I have seen first hand yarakashi and okiri fans, I do say I stand with the Japanese fans on this one. As much as yarakashi and okiri fans scare the living daylights out of me, none of the Johnny’s boys have ever resigned from status. They may have been on suspension, but for good reason.

I mean we all remember the incident with Yamapi a couple of years ago, when he went to visit Korea with some friends? The yarakashi over there did way more damage to him than any other yarakashi in Japan. So much Yamapi’s bag was stolen, his clothes were torn, I mean really, Korean fans are probably the scariest things on earth.

I’m seeing DBSK not breaking up because of the reaction their yarakashi might have. They may not even go back to Korea if they could help it.

I really hope that netizen’s will learn from this, and this is the price these people pay. They pretty much ruined him, in short, and there was no reason for it.

The first poster also included a video she took at SEATAC when she saw Jay leave with his family. Kudos to deedeethao.

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