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Jay Chou’s “The Green Hornet” & bomb scare

jay chou

Right now, Jay Chou is safe, somewhere in L.A. or Hollywood. But TMZ reported during the filming of “The Green Hornet”, his set was seized and put on hold because some were worried there was a bomb on the set in an unidentified metal object. The police were called, bomb unit in place and voila, no bomb.

The bomb unit secured the metal object, placed it into a metal robot and blew it to bits. All they found was a smoke sensor.

Rumors from China have surfaced, claming that Jay was paid 80,000 rmb for writing a song for China’s 60th anniversary. Jay is currently filming “The Green Hornet” and not in China writing a song Jay Chou’s JVR Music head publicist, Zhang Lan Yun has confirmed this.

source: nextmedia

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7 divided by 5 equals??


You do the math that way SS501 doesn’t end up pulling a DBSK.

After a successful press conference in Malaysia, and announcing to their fans that they hope to do a concert as early as December or January, SS501 became the product of attention. It was like eBay, but the prizes are actual humans. Three companies performed a bidding war, on who will win the rights to SS501’s concert in Malaysia. The winning company goes to Marctensia, with a final bid of 7 figures. In layman terms, this means that they are paying DSP around $100K-$9,999,999, so to speak. I don’t know if this is in RM or USD, but let’s make a safe assumption and hope its in RM and not USD, because really SS501 isn’t even worth that much.

This is also the same asking price as famous Chinese singer, Jay Chou.

What does the 7 figure cover? Well aside from the 100 or so entourage, it pays for venue, lighting, import fees and payment to the group itself we hope.

With Malaysia just being added to their “SS501 ASIA TOUR PERSONA 2009”, venue, tickets and date and time have yet to be determined. Marctensia just got their schedule, so give them about 1 to 4 weeks to come up with the battle plan. It’s all about timing and place.

Honestly, I’m just hoping they go with a venue that has awesome sound quality. Because with that much at stake, you’d hope the company can afford excellent sound and lighting.

Good luck SS501, we hope you get at least 1 figure each of that 7 figure that’s being paid to your company. We wouldn’t want you pull a DBSK on us now would we?

Source: chinapress
Translation: martianqueen@lj

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