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Serena Kozakura saved by breasts

serena kozakura

So if you’re big breasted make sure to put them to life-saving use.

Bikini Japanese model Serena Kozakura sure did. Last year Serena was convicted of breaking and entering into her boyfriend’s house. The boyfriend said that she kicked his door and climbed through the hole it made.

Serena though, used her breasts as a way to set herself free. When her lawyer appealed the verdict and brought in an object that resembled the hole that ‘she made’, saying that there is no way that she could have fit through the hole due to her large breasts. After an thorough examination of the ‘hole’ and Serena’s breasts, judge Kunio Harada agreed and set Serena free, throwing the guilty verdict out.

I used to hate my body so much because I thought my bust was too big. But it was definitely my breasts that won for me today,” said Serena.

source: dailyuk

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