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Will Meisa Kuroki taking over Erika Sawajiri’s role?

Since Stardust Promotions has cancelled Sawajiri‘s contract, the topic of discussion has risen.

Meisa Kuroki has been informally offered the role of “Yuki Mori”, a role originally given to Sawajiri for the live action movie “Space Battleship Yamato“. The movie also stars SMAP member Takuya Kimura.

But today a weekly magazine released information stating that the role is back with Sawajiri, so it has caused some confusion.

The movie will start filming next month, will they be able to decide who will play this Yuki Mori before the filming starts?

source: yomiuri, スクープ!エンタメ 芸能 のツボ

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Hisato Izaki in Randies


Hisato Izaki (left) will make a special appearance at the Shibuya Euro Space for a late showing of the movie Randies on 11/14.

While FLAME may not be doing anything these days as a group, the members have been doing okay seperately. This will be the third movie based off a manga that Hisato has filmed. The other two movies are Crows Zero and Rookies.

source: vf

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The award for best writers goes to?

Here’s the new trailer for Yuichi Sato‘s Genkai in a Black Company. The film is based on a popular forum thread on the Japanese internet forum 2chan in which a 26-year-old computer geek documented his struggle working at a “black company” after the death of his mother and subsequent loss of her financial support. A black company (burakku gaisha) is a Japanese slang term referring to companies which overwork their employees beyond the legal limits and generally exploit people who can’t find a better job someplace else due to lack of qualifications or the general state of the economy. The story was also adapted to a best-selling novel last year.

Teppei Koike plays the geek in question, referred to only by his internet screen name “Ma-Otoko”. Maiko, Kei Tanaka, Hiroshi Shinagawa, Tetsuhiro Ikeda, Yasuhi Nakamura, Masako Chiba, and Seiichi Tanabe also star.

“Genkai in a Black Company” will be released in Japan this November.

Oh 2chan you are so popular. So popular that it makes me think twice about lack of creativity in Japan that they had to go to an internet forum to make a movie. Don’t get us wrong, we here at STC love 2chan, it’s where we get a lot of goodies.

So who’s going to watch this?

source: nipponcinema

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