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This time its Yuusuke Kamiji

Kamiji Yusuke

What does Jin Akanishi and Yuusuke Kamiji have in common? The fact that they are the center of gossip of fans and anti’s alike and also cause a lot of commotion on the internet.

This time it isn’t Jin, it’s actor and singer Yuusuke Kamiji.

Pictures of Kamiji kissing Crystal Kay‘s mother have surfaced. Yes you read that correctly Crystal Kay’s mother, shunkay.

kamiji yuusuke

They’re not sure, but people are saying that the girl in the right photo, with a towel over her eyes is Crystal Kay.

The person who uploaded these private photos is said to be part of “Akanishi’s troops.”

Akanishi didn’t just get his fame from being in top idol group KAT-TUN, he’s also known for other things, like loving half Japanese women who are famous. There were rumors of him dating BENI, even photo’s of the two together were posted.

A media spokesperson commented, “These photos came from someone’s Facebook. We’re able to see a lot of these [private] photos because they usually come from some foreigner [on Facebook]. Even if the artist and company are not aware of it, many people can see these.

It seems as though that Kamiji and Crystal Kay are really close friends. In July, Crystal received a message from Kamiji regarding her ‘5LDK’ that was seen on TV. At the time it’s as though as if both of them knew each other through a mutual friend of family member.

Because of these photos, will this hurt the reputation of Shuuchishin?

note: Shuuchishin is the idol group that Kamiji belongs to.

source: tanteifile

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Yuu Shirota confined to his home

shirota yuu

Actor, Yuu Shirota has also contracted influenza A and has been confined to his home. He will not leave until he is fully recovered. His agency announced and confirmed this via fax to all media publications.

Right now Shirota’s temperature is normal and should be headed to a full recovery.

Four days ago Shirota went to the hospital because he wasn’t feeling very good. He complained that his physical condition was bad and was checked to see if he had contracted the strain. After being diagnosed with the strain, his doctor told him to stay home and cancel all work activities until he is completely cured.

They keep coming one by one, we’re starting to think we need to just have a page dedicated to all the celebrities in that country that are infected.

Well I hope he listens to the doctor because it’s only been one day and another person caught this nasty virus.

source: sanspo

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