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Hisato Izaki in Randies


Hisato Izaki (left) will make a special appearance at the Shibuya Euro Space for a late showing of the movie Randies on 11/14.

While FLAME may not be doing anything these days as a group, the members have been doing okay seperately. This will be the third movie based off a manga that Hisato has filmed. The other two movies are Crows Zero and Rookies.

source: vf

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J-Pop has its Takoyaki boys and then some

takoyaki boys

Akira of Lead and fellow member Shinya had a little takoyaki party with the Izaki brothers (FLAME).

While Yusuke and Hisato Izaki are busy making the food, Akira sat back, relaxed as the two ‘experts’ in making takoyaki show off their skills (aka let them do all the work, while he just waits to eat).

Shinya did lend a helping hand, but Akira explains that, “the Izaki brothers are very serious when they make takoyaki,” and also explains that they have the ‘Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu’ when it comes to handling a knife. If you don’t know that reference, go watch Rurouni Kenshin.

takoyaki boys takoyaki boys

source: akira’s blog

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