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DAIGO, Ai Kago and hyde at a goukon!?

DAIGO Ai Kago hyde

Josei Seven reports that singer DAIGO (31) and ex-Morning Musume., now Gravi Idol member, Ai Kago (21) were seen at a goukon together with other gravi idols at a dining restaurant.

They rented a VIP room with karaoke and ate. hyde (who DAIGO has much respect for) was also reported at the restaurant, but the two (DAIGO and hyde), were not in the same party and arrived separately.

It’s also reported that DAIGO has gone to this restaurant with other gravi idol goukons.

“The other gravi idols include Hitomi Aizawa (27) and Yuu Tejima (25), this time it’s Kagochan. The two (DAIGO and Ai) seemed to enjoy drinking together, but since Kagochan has very low tolerance for alcohol, she didn’t feel so good and went home. When she came out of the bathroom, she ran into hyde,” said a reporter.

hyde who was there with friends drinking, happened to get the room right next to DAIGO’s ‘goukon room’.

An insider said, “There seemed to be a lot of females, especially one’s from work.” They also said that hyde had caught wind of what was going on next door and ‘barged in’ on DAIGO’s parade. “They were singing their own songs, trying to out do one another; hyde wasn’t about to give up either, so he sang DAIGO’s song, and very good I might add.” This little ‘gorgeous recital’ lasted till early morning.

It looked like DAIGO and Kagochan had a good time drinking. It also seems that DAIGO set up this ‘meeting’ between Aizawa and Kagochan at the gouko – thus is the world of show business.

Even though at the end of it all, the point of goukon changed when hyde entered the picture; they all had a good time.

source: エンタメSCOOP

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Is Morishita Yuuri your ‘Princess Lover’?

morishita yuuri

Get ready because the popular PC-Game, Princess Lover, will be appearing in your DVD collection soon. Gravi Idol, Morishita Yuuri and her G-cup self, portrayed one of the characters, Charlotte. You can catch her as Charlotte in a 30 second commercial for the game itself. She will also release a DVD so you can get a full does of Yuuri right in your own home, if you want.

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The Heavenly Gravi Idol: Sayuki Matsumoto


Last month, Sankei Sports took 20 Gravi Idols and held a “Photographing a Visual Queen”, photography event in Nerimaku, Tokyo. 1000 fans showed up to see these “Visual Queens” in their swimsuits and yukatas.

“Onichan” of the “Oni no warajuku” (TV Asahi program), took notice of Sayuki Matsumoto and decided to take a collection of photo’s of her.

The UFO-loving girl said that this summer, “I want to see a lot of things and go to Mexico”.

Sayuki released 2 DVD’s called, “Shotaiken” (First experience) and “Sexy Spy Battle”. In order to promote her DVD’s she will hold an event on 8/2 at 14:00 in Akihabara, Tokyo at the Lamtara Media Works Rudo Akiba shop.

Sayuki Matsumoto was born on December 9, 1984 in Mie. Her bloodtype is AB and is 172cm tall. She measures at B91W60H89 (G-cup). She loves playing soccer and hobbies include games, UFO and Fujiko Mine.

To see the photo gallery click below.

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