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DBSK has 6 members!?

Just kidding.

I thought that would get your attention though. In Japan, a 6 member group from South Korea called Choshinsei (aka Cho Shin Sung), performed 3 songs including their Japanese debut song, “Kimi dake wo zutto”, at the Higashiikebukuro Sunshine Plaza.

Two thousand fans showed and showed their support the “ikemen” group from Korea. Leader Yunhak said, “We’re aiming to be like DBSK and do our best (in terms of popularity in Japan). Hopefully one day we can perform at Tokyo Dome.”

I don’t know, they just seem like they were put together by MNet and knew figured that they wouldn’t make it in Korea so they shipped them off to Japan because they know that fangirls would eat them (not literally, although they’d probably let some of them do it).

I still don’t see how they are ikemen (pretty boys), they’re not. It’s like they should have just joined Johnny’s Entertainment, because they seem more suited for that. Especially with that debut song.

Someone better do something about their stylist, because I’m starting to lose faith in Japanese stylists now after seeing the train wreck of Big Bang, DBSK, w-inds., and now this group.

source: sanspo

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Talk about copy cats?

daichi miura keita tachibana

Oh Keita, first it was confirmed that you were a little player, and now you just confirmed for us you are copying your Korean friends a copy cat. First the G-Dragon hair color from a few months ago, then the Jaejoong hair color and cut from last month, back to the G-Dragon platinum blonde hair color and cut. Are we on a creativity block? Or are your stylists lacking, that you need my services again?

On another note, that photo above was taken today (JST) on Keita‘s radio show. Daichi Miura paid him a long awaited visit.

Keita wrote on his blog that it’s been a long time since he’s seen Daichi, especially since they belong to the same agency. He also says that Daichi is “Japan’s #1 artist,” “his performance level is that of a world pro,” “he’s a genius,” and  “he’s a great artist, I’m actually kind of jealous.” At the same time finds a way to promote Daichi’s upcoming album, Who’s The Man.  Keita did mention that he would love to perform with Daichi at least once.

Well Keita you’re love for everyone is awesome, especially since you are holding an American flag. So when are you gonna get w-inds. over here and perform for all you’re non-Asian fans?

鹿児島。keita w-inds.

This photo was taken last month at Kagoshima, with w-inds.‘ back dancers on Keita‘s day off. He looks buff doesn’t he? He actually makes some of those dancers look small.

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7 divided by 5 equals??


You do the math that way SS501 doesn’t end up pulling a DBSK.

After a successful press conference in Malaysia, and announcing to their fans that they hope to do a concert as early as December or January, SS501 became the product of attention. It was like eBay, but the prizes are actual humans. Three companies performed a bidding war, on who will win the rights to SS501’s concert in Malaysia. The winning company goes to Marctensia, with a final bid of 7 figures. In layman terms, this means that they are paying DSP around $100K-$9,999,999, so to speak. I don’t know if this is in RM or USD, but let’s make a safe assumption and hope its in RM and not USD, because really SS501 isn’t even worth that much.

This is also the same asking price as famous Chinese singer, Jay Chou.

What does the 7 figure cover? Well aside from the 100 or so entourage, it pays for venue, lighting, import fees and payment to the group itself we hope.

With Malaysia just being added to their “SS501 ASIA TOUR PERSONA 2009”, venue, tickets and date and time have yet to be determined. Marctensia just got their schedule, so give them about 1 to 4 weeks to come up with the battle plan. It’s all about timing and place.

Honestly, I’m just hoping they go with a venue that has awesome sound quality. Because with that much at stake, you’d hope the company can afford excellent sound and lighting.

Good luck SS501, we hope you get at least 1 figure each of that 7 figure that’s being paid to your company. We wouldn’t want you pull a DBSK on us now would we?

Source: chinapress
Translation: martianqueen@lj

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Give this girl a Kiss, CL!

sandara 2NE1

2NE1 member Dara has released her new digital single called “Kiss ft. CL“. While everyone was expecting Bom or CL to do their solo debut’s first, I kind of expected Dara to. Only because she’s the only one who’s ever had her own solo music career outside of the group.

The song itself is ok, it could have been better, but lets face it, its 100 times better than her Filipino releases. For some reason, I don’t like the concept of her single. Trying to make her out to be someone she obviously isn’t, and her eye make-up makes me want to re-do it myself. I’m sorry by YG, I know you’re make-up artists are gay, but really, they should realize they’re not putting on make-up on drag queens.  I will say though, that Dara looks half pinay in this photo. Let’s hope that nobody in the Philippines kills someone over her song now, like they did with the Wonder Girls.

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2NE1 doesn’t like Pretty boys


2NE1 is back with a new performance and its for the bombest song off their album, Pretty Boy.  Did I mention how awesome this song is?

Although I’m not too keen on their choice of outfits and the dance. YG mentioned that Minzy was picked because of her dancing and a lot of people raved about her skills, but I just don’t see how great she really is. She’s an alright dancer when it comes to choreo, but her freestyling just doesn’t seem like freestyle. More like choreoed freestyling, if that makes sense. They also need to change the make-up artist for Bom, she’s so pretty yet they cover her face and her eyes with caked make-up. CL‘s hair needs to, well, her bangs look like they put engine grease on it.

Also, all those people were making an uproar about her carebear pants, yet its okay for her to be on all four and dance like that? People get your $h!t straight please. I remember having those boots, in both those colors, back in the days. Can we say hooker boots?

Never the less, I still like them and love this song.

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