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Ex-Johnny’s member, Shouji Narita arrested!

narita shouji
Shouji Narita, who is an ex-member of Johnny’s group “Otokogumi“, has been arrested on suspicion of marijuana possesion on 9/27. He is being held at the Shibuya police station and stated, “The marijuana was for me, I was going to smoke it.

Narita was part of a Johnny’s group called, “Otokogumi“, that was formed in 1984 with Shouji Narita and Kazuya Takahashi as it’s original members; later joined by Kenichi Okamoto and Kouyou Maeda.

The only member that is still a part of Johnny’s Entertainment is Kenichi Okamoto, who’s son is Keito Okamoto of Hey! Say! JUMP.

source: スクープ!エンタメ 芸能 のツボ

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The end of Noriko Sakai

This is what happens ladies and gentlemen when you are in the entertainment industry. You get a dazzling career, loyal fans, lots of money, and of course drugs.

Noriko Sakai has been formally indicted on charges of drug possession and still waits to be indicted for drug use. The public announcement of this news has led to the nailing that last nail in the coffin. Sakai’s agency, Sun Music has made a formal announcement of her dismissal. Sun Music president Masahisa Aizawa held an emergency press conference and revealed that not only Sun Music, but her label Victor Entertainment has also dismissed Sakai. Victor Entertainment has terminated their contract with her including canceling her upcoming best album and has pulled her entire catalogue from all music stores.

What more could go wrong? Well the loss of 500 million yen to be exact. Sun Music also announced that they will take financial responsibility for all of Sakai’s broken contracts. This includes contracts with Victor Entertainment, Arax and Toyota (for cm) and all merchandise related to her fashion brand “PP rikorino.”

With everything going on, Sakai finally admitted to being a user for 4 years. She started as a way to help relieve the stress and fatigue that came with her career. She stated that she did have intentions to stop, but became addicted after a couple of years. Her need increased, thus landing her in the cold where no one will rescue her now.

What I want to know is what will happen to her son? Both Sakai and her husband have both been indicted, leaving their son to, hopefully caring and loving relatives. I have no sympathy for them because there are other alternatives to get rid of stress, but then I guess eating in Japan is a no-no because then she would have gotten criticized for being ‘fat’. I say that’s better than going to jail for 10 years and leaving a son behind, and losing her career.

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Noriko Sakai is a druggie!

Noriko Sakai

“The drug case of Noriko Sakai and Yuichi Takaso still continues. The latest major development was last week’s discovery of a house in Chiba that the two often visited over the past few years. A police search found a small amount of amphetamines, along with some paraphernalia intended for using the drugs.

The house is located in the city of Katsuura, Chiba, about fifty meters from the beach. Takaso reportedly had been renting the place since five years ago, and eyewitnesses said they have often seen Takaso visiting the beach to surf, accompanied by Sakai and their son. In recent years, the two were seen at the beach separately – either Sakai with the son, or Takaso with his friends. However, the couple still sometimes went there together, with one source saying they were in the vicinity as recently as August 2, the day before Takaso’s arrest.

When questioned, locals stated that the aforementioned house – known as the “pink house” due to its color – seemed suspicious, noting details such as strange smells coming from the place. It is believed that Sakai and Takaso often used the place for drugs. However, it is not known who owns the drugs that were found by police, a matter complicated by reports that people other than Sakai and Takaso had recently been visiting the house.

Regarding her past drug use, Sakai had told police that she only used the drugs a few times starting last summer, but Takaso independently stated that he had introduced her to the drugs four years ago.

It is said that Takaso was likely acquainted with actor Manabu Oshio, who was also arrested this month in a separate incident involving MDMA. They may have met through mutual friends, and they both frequented the same club in Tokyo, where Sakai was also a regular.” (TokyoGraph)

As of today, Sakai and Takaso are being held at a police station Shibuya and will be given a urine test. Takaso was arrested on 8/3 when an undercover cop busted him for possession. Takaso stated that the drugs were for him and no one else.

So did the cop think that he was selling it? I thought they would have to catch him in the act of using or in this case, possession with intent to profit.

Oh well, Mrs. Sakai, join the ranks of other in Japan and Korea who have gotten caught. I mean really, if you’re going to do it, have the smarts not to bring your son into it and don’t do it in a place so public. You may have been popular once, but that doesn’t mean people won’t tattle on you.

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