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VK no longer smells like Jasmine

Jasmine You

Versailles basist, Jasmine You, passed away yesterday morning. All band activites will be on hold till further notice. Cause of death is unknown at the present time. Until the news gives out anymore info, this is all you guys get.

The VK world has lost another soul. Expect to see a lot of “hide”, “kazuki” and “kami” scenes again. I’ll honestly say I don’t listen to the band, but I did listen to Lareine, Kamijo’s old band. I’ll be honest, I won’t miss Jasmine either. I didn’t know him, and I’m sure all the J-Rock fans will cry and be depressed and say stuff how they were touched by him in some way. But let’s be honest folks, he played bass, and half of you probably didn’t even notice him till now. As we all know bassists are hardly ever noticed because the spotlight is taken by the vocal or guitarist, and unless Jasmine was “hot” (which I doubt he was), I don’t think he had many fans. You all can say I’m being mean, but you all know I’m right.

But my condolences to his family and the band members. Take care Jasmine, you’re probably happier now that you don’t have to deal with life.

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Kaori Kawamura died today.


Singer Kaori Kawamura died today at 11:01AM. Last year, it was reported that her breast cancer had indeed come back, and today she lost that battle. Family will hold her a service for her, but only close friends and family will be able to attend the service.

“Kawamura was born in Moscow to a Japanese father, who worked for a trading company, and a Russian mother. She and her family moved to Japan when she was 11 and she was subjected to repeated bullying. perhaps as an escape, she soon got into the local music scene. She made her debut with the album “Zoo” in 1988. In 1990 she had a hit with “Kamisama ga Oritekuru Yoru” and the following year with the often-covered “Tsubasa wo Kudasai.” That year she made the first of several movie appearances in “Tokyo Kyujitsu.” From the mid-1990s, she split her time between New York and Japan, and got involved in the club scene in the late 90s. She and guitarist Motoaki married in 1999 and had a daughter in 2001, but were soon separated. In 2004 Kawamura was diagnosed with breast cancer, which had claimed her mother a few years earlier, but following a mastectomy she returned to work the next year. She and Motoaki divorced in 2007. In October 2008 she wrote on her blog that the cancer had returned and spread to her bones and lungs. Though – or perhaps because – she knew her time was limited, she had a busy schedule this year, performing concerts, publishing a book and releasing “K,” her first original album in 13 years.” (JapanZone)

It’s a sad time for old school J-Pop lovers. Post 2000 J-Pop fans may not care, but for a some of us, losing an artist like Kaori is a big loss. I pray for her and her family and friends.

You will be missed Kawamura-san.

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