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Mao Inoue is coming to the U.S.

inoue mao

Not for leisure, but for work.

The Hana Yori Dango star will be in New Jersey filming her upcoming drama, My Darling is a Foreigner aka Darling wa Gaikokujin, on October 1~2.

They will be shooting the film at the Presbyterian Church, Mindowaskin and at E. Dudley house.

The Town Council approved the filming permit allowing them to shoot whatever scenes needed. Two of the four days spent in the U.S. will be used filming on the Presbyterian lawn in Westfield.

Film supervisor Takuma Hayashi reveals that he sought out recommendations from the state film commission. He also said, “This town was the first proposed by the New Jersey Film Commission because we were looking for a beautiful church.

Although council members have their concerns about the filming, let’s hope all goes well. Some raised concerns are the timing of the film. It will be shot from 2PM to 7PM, a time of day that become hectic because it is the usual time that children are released from school. While Councilman Sal Caruana has suggested that they try to change the times, we’ll see what happens.

Another concern was the state of the park and church. Hayashi informed the councilmen that they will restore everything to its natural state once filming is done. Everything will be parked at the Presbyterian Church to ensure that traffic can/will be reduced. They are working with the local police to control traffic and will hire two police officers to supervise the shoot to handle any safety and welfare issues that may occur during the filming.

One of our most important locations is the front of the Presbyterian Church,” he said. “Our main characters will meet and embrace and it’s a climax of the film.

church park

If anyone happens to catch any TMZ during their time here, let us know, we want to see those photos too.

source: unleashthegeek

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