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Shinya Taniuchi is Leading the Shinsengumi

Shinya Taniuchi of J-Pop group Lead is starring in the drama adaptation of Shisengumi Peace Maker. The comic was popularized a few years ago and is the prequel to “Peace Maker Kurogane.” This live action drama has a pretty amazing ikemen cast.

This is the story of a young boy, Tetsunosuke Ichimura (Suga Kenta), who wants to join the Shinsengumi after witnessing the death of his parents by Choshu rebels before the Meiji Restoration.

Shinya plays Toshizou Hijikata, the ‘demon’ of the Shinsengumi. He accepts Tetsunosuke’s acceptance into the Shinsengumi, but as his page. While he is a major player during those times, we have yet to see how the drama will play out the role. The story revolves around Tetsunosuke and thus far have not seen much of this character.

Also joining Shinya is fellow Takoyaki Boys member, Yusuke Izaki from FLAME. He plays Sanosuke Harada, one of three members who befriend and look after Testu. Yuuta Furukawa joins as Tatsunosuke Ichimura, accountant for the Shinsengumi and Tetsu’s older brother.

D-Boys members Tomo Yanigishita plays Souji Okita, the Shinsengumi’s #1 swordsman; Hirofumi Araki as Choshu rebel leader, Toshimaru Yoshida.

Yuuta Furukawa

Tomo Yanigishita

Hirofumi Araki

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Yuu Shirota & D-Boys on their 1st nation-wide tour

The ‘ikemen’ of D-Boys will make their first nation-wide tour this coming winter, December 28.¬†Shirota Yuu and D-Boys had an event together for the CD release of “Natsu doko 2009”. Junji Igarashi and 19 other members are alumni’s of this group including Shirota Yuu, where they all interacted with fans in various places.

During a summer event in Akihabara, about 10,000 fans came to the recording of “Natsu doko 2009”. They held a “Thank you show” called “Winter doko 2009”. It was an overwhelming power of midwinter ‘ikemen’.

With members of D-Boys in various dramas and having original radio shows, the tour is expected to draw out many fans.

Finally an update. I know we’ve been slow, but some of us have gotten wind of the nasty virus going around.

Some good news though or not, people will get to see Igarashi and Shirota get their groove on as they will dance on stage during the tour.

source: sanspo

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