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Japan’s top fashion models, JELLY, will be releasing a compilation album, “JELLY meets HOUSE” on 10/7.

The CD will contain 14 songs all by the original artists. The three models are Yuu Yamamoto, Maya Mori and Maiko Takahashi.

jelly meets house

01. A Perfect Sky (BONNIE PINK)
02. Koi ni ochitara (Crystal Kay)
03. Hanamizuki (You Hitoto)
04. Asita e no tobira (I WiSH)
05. Fragile (Every Little Thing)
07. Kokode kiss site (Shiina Ringo)
08. Mimi motoniiruyo … ~Ring the bells~ (Mao Tsutaeda)
09. STORY (AI)
10. Saiai (KOH+)
11. Ienai kotoba (EMI MARIA)
13. Last Song (Utane)
14. (TBA)

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One guy + 7 females = hotness, LIVE

So check out this line up: Akino Arai, Yuuko Ando, Cocco, BONNIE PINK, Chara, LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, Keiko Hiraoka . What do they have in common? Well they will all be appearing at Curly Giraffe‘s live on 10/21 at SHIBUYA-AX.

The show entitled, “Curly Giraffe presents “Super Session vol.3/Thank You For Being A Friend”, is a release event for his new album, “Thank You For Being A Friend”.

Ticket sales start 9/12, but if you cant’ make it you can order it on Space Shower TV on 9/4 starting at 19:00 (7PM JST) and will end on 9/8 at 01:00 (1PM JST).

Also, this will be the first time in 8 years that singer, Keiko Hiraoka will be releasing an album called, “25” through Tower Records. It will go on sale on 11/25 and can only be obtained through Tower Records.

I wish I could go, that is an awesome line up. Curly Giraffe definitely got some of J-Pop’s best singers in the industry.

Pre-order his new album at CDJ.

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