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Japan’s got a case of the Swine

This past week everyone has been on alert as this past week, Japan has started to experience its first swine flu deaths.

Now it is being reported that the H1N1 influenza virus (swine) has reached the epidemic stage in Japan. Some of the cases have been identified as normal flu virus, but they are suspecting it is the strain of the H1N1 virus.

A few days we reported that guitar/vocalist Ryo of Maximum the Hormone caught the piggy flu (aka swine). Others in the entertainment industry have been infected as well. Actor Takeru Sato was noted as having the H1N1 strain, but now more and more cases are being reported. Members of the baseball team, Nippon Ham Fighters. The couch and four players have been diagnosed with influenza A, with two of them being the H1N1 strain. All five members have been placed in isolation for now.

It’s been reported today (8/22 JST) that six members of idol group AKB48 have been infected as well. Team K’s Manami Oku and Asuka Kuramochi, Team B’s Aika Ohta and Haruka Kohara, and kenkyuusei members Haruka Ishida and Sumire Sato. All of them have been diagnosed with influenza A and will not participate in AKB48‘s Nippon Budokan concert this weekend.

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