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Big Bang is on top of things

While G-Dragon dominates Korean music charts, Big Bang releases their album in Japan today (yesterday in Japan) and takes the 2nd and 6th place on Oricon charts.


I still stand by what I said before, it’s an okay album. I don’t feel it’s anything special. If anything GD’s album is better than this album; so if you’re going to spend money, spend it on the better and cheaper album. I mean really three songs are remakes and if you have the singles, you pretty much have 75% of the album.

If you’re in it for collection and goodies purposes then by all means. I can’t help but think that GD’s scandals are also the reason why they did so well in Japan. G-Dragon’s album was the number one pre-ordered album on HMV Japan, so how did Big Bang out do him?

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[UPDATE] Big Bang rocks Yoyogi park!


8000 fans showed up to Big Bang’s 2nd single release event, Gara Gara GO!! The first event for their debut single, “MY HEAVEN“, didn’t go well as the venue over flowed and the event was cancelled. This time, they were prepared and the boys were able to perform both singles plus four more and talk to their fans.

“We have been looking forward to this time with everyone”, said G-Dragon.

Seungri said, “I was really surprised. I’m really happy too, but I was hoping that this single would become #1. It comes out today so hopefully it will become #1.”

T.O.P had a few words, “Even in this rain, it must be hard, but thank you very much for coming. Please enjoy the show till the end.”

Since their first album in 2006, “BIGBANG“, they will release a best album, ASIA BEST 2006-2009” and a live DVD, “BIG SHOW”, on 8.19.2009.

source: sanspo

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