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MoMusu is all about America

morning musume

Three months after their first American concert, idol group Morning Musume. will grace all their fans in Japan with a documentary on 9/5, called “Morning Musume. America, first live.”

It will air at 12:58 on TV Tokyo. It will show a behind the scenes at Anime Expo 2009; all their overseas fans and off-shoots.

Well I’m sure they had to do a lot of editing for this documentary. I’m actually surprised they are airing this, I didn’t think they would. I guess this is good news for all you MoMusu fans.

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The Morning after AX

Time for the Anime Expo backstab report you’ll never hear from anyone over there. Hot of presses where to start…

Morning Musume… where do I start? Well first off, how many people thought Risa looked stoned as she went on stage? I’ll be the first to tell you, that girl looked like she took a few good hits of something that wasn’t “stress”.  If not that, it must have been the night before, because that girl looked like she partied hardied and nothing, not even make up could cover that girls’ drugged out look. Although the girls did look tired and “worn out”, it’s a natural state, perhaps caused by jet leg? Or is management too hard on them?

Sources say that UFA/H!P was upset at AX too because the camera people did a bad job. The girls “looked tired and worn out”. There is also a huge commotion about the US management team and it’s head, we’ll call her Kat. Sources say that AKB48 was offered for free, but H!P made AX, maybe sign a contract(?), stating they couldn’t sign up another idol group. When the news leaked that AKB48 was offered, reportedly, Kat, went around the cirlces in Japan, making phone calls wherever she could, bad mouthing one of the top ranking cons in the U.S. After hearing this, not one AX con member wanted to touch the cat with a 10′ pole. This goes into UFA/H!P being mad pissed at AX about publicity. They wondered why AX Idol got more publicity than the artist themselves why was their time slot at 3PM and not on Saturday at night? UFA/H!P was angry because AKB48, who appeared at Japan Expo in Paris, France the same exact time, got 10x more coverage in Japan, over Morning Musume.

Don’t know why? We’ll I’ll tell you what the birds who come to our window tells us. Apparently, Mr. X., who runs a majority if not all the PR for AX, owns AX Idol. He does not belong to AX, he is hired by AX to do all their publicity. Since he “owns” AX Idol, why do you think it gets the most attention?

But it does make you wonder about the AKB48, because they are going to perform at the NYC con, so it’s not too far off of a stetch. If you’re smart you can piece together this puzzle.

That’s all for now! Till next time (maybe with photos!)!

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