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Lead’s Akira Kagimoto & TOMMY collboration


Akira Kagimoto revealed on his blog that the collaboration he did with TOMMY is now coming to an end and that orders will end at the end next month for the parka.

Lately, it’s been cold and I’ve been wearing short sleeves.

He then had Shinya pose along with himself, check it out.

He also wants you to buy the parka too, while you still can.

source: akira blog

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J-Pop has its Takoyaki boys and then some

takoyaki boys

Akira of Lead and fellow member Shinya had a little takoyaki party with the Izaki brothers (FLAME).

While Yusuke and Hisato Izaki are busy making the food, Akira sat back, relaxed as the two ‘experts’ in making takoyaki show off their skills (aka let them do all the work, while he just waits to eat).

Shinya did lend a helping hand, but Akira explains that, “the Izaki brothers are very serious when they make takoyaki,” and also explains that they have the ‘Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu’ when it comes to handling a knife. If you don’t know that reference, go watch Rurouni Kenshin.

takoyaki boys takoyaki boys

source: akira’s blog

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Lead is back!

Lead is finally releasing a new single on August 8, 2009! It’s called “GiraGira Romantic” and has FOUR ‘effing versions. WHY!? This song better be worth it! That last single, “Sunny Day”, was not as good as the previous single. And with a title like that, I’m sure it’s going to be some up-beat song.

Lead… you’re sooo good! But when you release stuff with title’s like that of course no one’s going to think your good! PC and VF need to do a better job with you!

Each version will feature one member and contain 3 songs. You also get a DVD and photobook to boot!

1,890yen (
PCCA.02969 HIROKI ver.
PCCA.02967 SHINYA ver.
PCCA.02968 KEITA ver.
PCCA.02966 AKIRA ver.

And so much for “not thinking” of doing solo works! (If you read Nippon Project’s interview with them, Hiroki said they wouldn’t do solo stuff and haven’t thought about it.)

Akira has release a solo DVD called “in blue”. It’s a documentary from “The Television “HOMME” DVD series”. It’s drop date is July 1, 2009 only costing you 3,900yen for a whole 70 minutes of Akira! And if you live in Japan, 500 people will receive a “special item present”. WTF aren’t I in Japan again? Oh yeah cause I want to go to Seoul.

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