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Yamashita Tomohisa is on edge?


Yamapi on edge? Is he bathing in the sensativity that is Kagami!?

On 9/17, Friday has reported that Yamapi took out his model girlfriend, Seira Kagami to a pub for a date.

They say that the pair of lovers were spotted huddled in a corner drinking alcohol together.

“Yamashita and Kagami are not going out. They are nothing more than friends,” says a Johnny’s associate.

The two, though, do know each other that much is known. Kagami hasn’t had a boyfriend in a while, and these two definitely have some type of relationship.

“Lately, Kagami has started going to clubs and singing; at least 2-3 times a month. And Yamashita has been seen going to these clubs. There are times though that it has been unexpected.”

Though their relationship does seem to be good, we’re not exactly sure what it is.

“I’m not really sure when they started seeing each other since this type of stuff is usually kept hidden, but it also looks like he wasn’t able to cut it off completely with Yuu. It doesn’t look like it this time; I get the feeling that this relationship is an inseparable one. And that’s where the rumors come from.”

Even though him and Yuu broke it off, their relationship also seemed like an inseparable one. They’re not sure about Yamashita, but Yuu and Kagami seem to have a friend in common also. Someone said, “The relationship seems to be at a subtle place right now.”

Yamapi’s drama, Buzzer Beat hasn’t been doing so well, not as much as they had hoped. It looks like that this is a scandal that they are just letting go.

“To tell you the truth, the drama’s that Johnnys’ star in haven’t been doing well. The only one that’s done pretty well was Tokuban, which had all the members of SMAP appear and that was at 7%,” said a reporter.

The time for Johnny Kitagawa’s talent is coming to an end with this era. “The ratings only get higher when they have a “ikemen” starring in the drama,” says an industry insider.

source: 芸能探偵

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