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Aya Kamiki is moving to Tokyo

kamiki aya

Singer, Aya Kamiki, has joined the ranks of avex artists. She recently shared the stage in Osaka with DBSK, Ayumi and other avex artists at a-nation ’09. Her previously label GIZA, located in Osaka let her go, and now she has moved to Tokyo to join avex and their wonderful ranks of artistry.

Like all artist that release their first single with a (new) label, her first single will be the opening theme song to “Kamen Rider W” starting 9/6. However, her single will not be released till 11/11, “WBX~W Boiled Extreme”, a collaboration with TAKUYA (ROBO+S).

Aya’s not a bad singer, she’s like the Avril of Japan (if there was going to be one). What gets me though, if the song is going to be used for Kamen Rider W in September, why release it 2 months later?

Oh well, I’m looking forward to it, and you should too.

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TVXQ @ a-nation

a-nation 2009 _logo_

It’s been over a week since a-nation 09, but better late than never, right?  We got our grubby little hands on some photos of TVXQ. I’m not into this group or anything, but I have to say, some of these shots are looking good.

This is a sign that I’ve been writing way too much TVXQ on here. Tell me, should I stop posting TVXQ stuff?

If posting elsewhere please use the following credit and link back. Thanks.

Photos courtesy of Avex Entertainment Inc.

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[UPDATE] DBSK lights up Meiji Shrine!


Despite the fuel going on with SME, DBSK still knows how to work their arses’ off. On 8/6, the boys put on a spectacular show displaying fireworks on a “Kokuritsukyougijou special stage” in the garden of Meiji Shrine. They performed 7 songs including their new one “Stand by U“.

Even though the 3 members who are looking to re-“define” their contract with their company, SM Entertainment, showed up together as one to show that they are still going strong.

Changmin spoke to the fans and said, “Even though today’s live will be cut short, I hope you all have a lot of fun. We will keep doing our best.” After that was said he received a lot of screams and a huge round of applause from the fans.

a-nation 2009 _logo_

Also, good news for all the Japanese fans, DBSK will still be performing at “a-nation ’09”. They will perform at 3 shows:

8/22 Aichi
8/23 Tokyo
8/29 Osaka

To see photo’s of the live, click more…

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