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Experience Big Bang right before Christmas!

Korean group Big Bang will be having another release in Japan this coming Winter. This time a video clip collection. The DVD, Big Bang The Clips vol.1, will be released on 12/23 just in time for Christmas.

The DVD is a collection of all their music videos including both Japanese and Korean music videos.

Big Bang The Clips vol.1
3990yen (Tax incl.) / $43.58 USD
Pre-order: CDJ
Track list:
2. Garagara GO!!
3. Koe wo Kikasete
4. Baby Baby
5. Together Forever
6. Lies
7. Dirty Cash
8. We Belong Together
9. HaruHaru
10. Always

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Big Bang and the Gold Artist Award

Big Bang performed the Best Hit Song Awards 2009 show and won the Gold Artist Award.  They only performed “GARA GARA GO!!” To be honest I’m kind of sad they performed this song because I think “Koe wo kikasete” is a much better song.

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Shaun Evaristo on Pacific Rim Video

Choreographer Shaun Evaristo was interviewed by Pacific Rim Video for Alexis Avila and Sheroes’ Dancing For Cause Work shop to benefit Gawad Kalinga of The Philippines. The workshop was on Friday 11/20 at Team Millenia’s The Bridge Studio in Fullerton, CA.

If you’re not familiar with Team Millenia, you may remember them from ABDC and every summer they have their Summer Intensive workshop. You all should be familiar with Shaun, especially since he choreographs for YG Entertainment artists.

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G-Dragon is ripped

At the MAMA event that happened a couple of days ago, YG artists took the stage and blew everyone away. More specifically G-Dragon that is. During a performance he had a wardrobe malfunction, while in the middle of his “Heartbreaker” set his pants ripped in a happy region.

Speaking of wardrobe, what is up with the white furry jacket? I know he’s a pretty boy, but really, do they really need to dress him in such things? He isn’t a girl, did they forget that? Although I am digging the hair a bit, long hair, shaved sides, reminds me of my old haircut. What I do like are his earrings. They’re pretty nice, looks like it’s to be about 0G. Now if he can only gain maybe like 5-10 pounds and not look like he’s anorexic, he’d be a lot hotter.

While I’m prone to say this is “omg ahaha”, what really got my attention in his performance was the camera work. That has got to be one of the worst cameraman workmanship I have seen. Not only did the camera man focus on G-Dragon’s misfortune, but you can’t even see the entire performance. What about the people in the control room? That couldn’t have been the only camera on set, as the stage is placed between two sets of audiences.

I don’t know about you, but I think that cameraman’s lack of ‘camera work’ is a lot more faulty than the wardrobe malfunction. It was more of a fancam than anything else.

I’m adding this because I like the the choreography.

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The most anticipated drama songs of 2009

Tsutaya online has released another poll, “What 2009 drama theme song are you looking forward to?

Here are the results:

10 Lecca – My measure (Gine Sanfujinka no onnatachi)
09 MISIA – Aitakuteima (JIN)
08 Misako Sakazume – Kitto Daijobu (Real Crows)
07 UVERworld – Kanashimi wa kitto (Shokoshijo Sarah)
06 TOKIO – Asa ga mata kuru (ROMES Kuukou bougyou system)
05 Arashi – Tokei jikake no umbrella (0 goushi no kyaku)
04 GIRL NEXT DOOR – Orion (Untouchables)
03 Arashi – My Girl (My Girl)
02 EXILE – Futasu no kuchibiru (Tokyo DOGS)

and #1 goes to….

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Big Bang wants to hear your voice (pt.II)

big bang

Big Bang is having a “Koe wo kiksasete” campaign and they want to hear your voice. To celebrate their third single the group will pick their favorite fan “voices” and send you, the fan, a personal message!

They even created another YouTube channel to host this campaign.

“With the release of our 3rd single KOE WO KIKASETE (LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE) we are gathering messages from all over the world through this YouTube channel. Let us hear your voice.

The theme could be about anything, and of course it could be a message for the members as well.

BIGBANG will choose amongst the videos and will send a personal message back to the people that are chosen.

We will be waiting for your video responses

Application is accepted during 11/4 ~ 11/30
Reply messages will be uploaded mid-December.

Video Response:

To respond to a video, click the “Post a Video Response” link below the video player. You will be given three options for choosing your response video:

Record a Video:

This option lets you use your webcam to respond. YouTube will automatically attempt to detect your computer’s settings.

Click the “Allow” button in the window to allow YouTube to access your camera and microphone.
Click the “Record” image to begin recording.
Once you’re done recording, click stop. After that you can preview, publish, or re-record your video. You can also change the video Title, Description and Tags to the left of the player.

Choose a Video:

This option lets you respond with any video you’ve already posted.

Upload a Video:

This option works like the normal upload process.

Select the “Upload a Video” options.
Click the “Start” button.
Enter all of your video’s information.
Click either “Upload a video” to upload a file, or “Record from Webcam” if you decide to use your webcam after all.

Note: One thing to keep in mind—your video can only be used as a response once. If you’ve used a video as a response in the past and want to use it for a new response, it will no longer be listed as the earlier response.

*Please respond directly to the video. Original contents please. Thank you.

-YG Entertainment Japan”

If you ask me this is one hell of a way to interact and sell your single. So all you die hard Big Bang fans if you want to hear to get a personal message from your favorite group, time to bust out those video cams and work it!

Old news I forgot to post that was sitting in the draft area, sorry.

source: YG Entertainment, YT Koe wo kikasete

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