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Will Meisa Kuroki taking over Erika Sawajiri’s role?

Since Stardust Promotions has cancelled Sawajiri‘s contract, the topic of discussion has risen.

Meisa Kuroki has been informally offered the role of “Yuki Mori”, a role originally given to Sawajiri for the live action movie “Space Battleship Yamato“. The movie also stars SMAP member Takuya Kimura.

But today a weekly magazine released information stating that the role is back with Sawajiri, so it has caused some confusion.

The movie will start filming next month, will they be able to decide who will play this Yuki Mori before the filming starts?

source: yomiuri, スクープ!エンタメ 芸能 のツボ

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Erika Sawajiri’s message

On another note, on Erika Sawajiri‘s official website, has message to everyone.

“See you at the next stage.”

Is this a retaliation? Who knows, all we know is that this girl doesn’t deserve that much hatred. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has attitudes, had she been a normal girl, no one would gives a rats arse about it. Well we don’t either, but we all know the JPop world does.

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Is Tsuyoshi Takeshiro going to war for wife Erika Sawajiri?

After the news of her dismissal from her agency, Erika Sawajiri‘s husband, Takesiro, has hired a lawyer to look at Erika’s contract. He says that this whole mess started after they (Erika and he) attended the solar eclipse festival in Amami-oshima back in July. Also that this is supposedly the ‘direct’ cause of her dismissal as well as (maybe) all the criticism that has been massed produced in the media and on blogs.

Sawajiri was expected to make a comeback in a new movie called Osawagase Jyou. But with all the bad press and criticisms, a comeback for Erika seems highly unlikely.

An insider said that, “When she came back it wasn’t for business. She went to visit Yuu Abiru, she even stayed at her place. Her brother (note: I’m not sure whose brother, it doesn’t say), was seen at a store in Shinbashi. But anyways, it seems as though they were just hanging out.

Putting aside all the rumors about Sawajiri, she seems to be “really close friends” with Yuu Abiru and Shoko Nakagawa. So its natural that she’d go hang out with them once she came back [to Tokyo].

“Sawajiri’s agency is really strict when it comes to scandals, especially to its male talents. They weren’t even sure what to do about the previous rumors about Sawajiri. But with everything that’s been popping up lately [the incident with the bicycle and being suspected of being charged with a traffic law violation], its like “see ya…,” said an entertainment office manager.

While it was questionable on whether or not it was Sawajiri at the airport (because of her ‘disguise’), the aura just screamed out “celebrity” and it did look like her.

Note: This isn’t a full translation of everything that was written, just a synopsis. But the title of the article is, “Too late! Is Sawajiri’s husband going to war?

source: tanteifile

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Erika Sawariji gets fired


Erika Sawajiri gets dismissed from her agency, Stardust Promotion, after a serious breach in her contract. As to why she has been let go has caused a lot of commotion online.

When Sawajiri went to her agency earlier in the week, she was told that she has been dismissed and without fighting it, she accepted it. Her husband Takashiro, though is opposed to this and seems to be fighting it.

While Stardust Promotion has no comment at this time. An insider reveals that, “There are various reasons, but one is a breach of contract.

There’s been a lot of turmoil lately because Sawajiri went with Takashiro to visit the solar eclipse observation in July. Someone pointed out that there was a married couple on a bicycle and the girl wasn’t wearing a helmet, and that girl happened to be Erika. Outsiders pointed this out and brought up the issue, “Isn’t she breaking the law?

Days after they tied the knot (1/19/09), Erika and Takashiro went to New York on 2/13. When they left, it was viewed as a problem when Erika was seen with a famous brand name bag and a pair of sunglasses.

The reason they went to New York was to attend the New York Fashion Show, and Takashiro seems to think that Erika was used as part of a PR scheme (from the brand). Because of the scandal of Noriko Sakai and her husband, Erika who was up for consideration for a movie next year is now being questioned. Both Sawariji and Takashiro are staying in an apartment in the metropolitan area.

Some are saying that the reason for her dismissal has to do with the use of medicine.

It’s been reported that Sakai and Takasou have gone to Ibiza Island in Spain. A spot famous for it’s “drug parties”. The also say the two have participated in the same type of event in Amami-oshima.

Supposedly there will be an article released next week in a magazine that will reveal the truth about her use or medicine.

With everything going on, Sawajiri‘s contract with BMW has ended and her commerical and photo’s have been pulled.

Yomiuri reports that Sawajiri left Japan and stayed in the UK and Spain to study language and graphic design for eight months. She returned to Japan for a brief visit to the total eclipse event at Amami-oshima at the end of July. The same event that Sakai and Takasou have been seen going too.

From our point of view, it seems that the ‘reason’ for her dismissal revolves around the issue of her going to NYC and supposedly doing some type of promotions there for the brand that she was seen wearing. And then the issue of abusing some type of drug came up since she went to an event that Sakai seems to go to, and we all know that if you are seen going to a place Sakai goes to, you’re automatically a druggie too.

source: ズバリ!裏芸能, Yomiuri

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YG Entertainment responds: G-Dragon’s case


So YG Entertainment finally responds to all those lowly accusations of plagiarism. And well, we’re not gonna copy and paste the whole thing so you’re gonna have to read it on allkpop. What we will do though is take excerpts and plant our little comments after them.

Where does YG stand in this plagiarism issue?
In my opinion, all the arguments and discussions could be seen different depending on the views and the viewers. So, I cannot explain my personal opinion of whether it was influenced by other songs or not.

However, in the centre of attention, there is “Heartbreaker”. This issue emerged above the surface because it had similar rap-flow as Flo Rida’s “Right Round”. Right Round is an extremely famous song even in Korea, and recently another Korean artist has sung it with translation, and appeared on the media. It is impossible that the composers at YG and G-Dragon tried to go around their way to plagiarise. It is impossible, because with the internet and all, everything gets revealed quickly.

Many expressed their concerns, “Why did G-Dragon do this? For the rappers who write and rap, it shouldn’t be hard to fix a few verses and re-recording”, and “How come did Yang Hyun-Seok, Teddy, Perry and Kush never mention that to G-Dragon?” It isn’t because we were trying to fool the public, but the other way around. I did not expect such a stir among the public, and I think I should be 100 folds more responsible than G-Dragon as the executive producer. I am truly sorry to G-Dragon and his fans who are burdened alone.

Okay one, as much as I love YG and G-Dragon, can they honestly say it’s pure coincidence that the bgm, melody and rhyme are exactly the same? He said it himself that Right Round is very popular in Korea, so the chances of them not hearing this song on several occasions is highly unlikely. Also, how can they not expect that type of stir from the public? G-Dragon personally put up the 30 second sample on his me2day, especially that part. Why that part? He couldn’t put the chorus? And while I feel for Yang Hyun-Seok taking full responsibility, G-Dragon is at fault because with his musicality, he should have known that the sample he put online is the same exact sample from another song.

There are sayings that this issue is part of the marketing for YG.
First of all, YG is not that clever to come up with a marketing plan like this. Especially for G-Dragon, he was receiving enough attention as the leader of a famous idol group in Korea, and for releasing his ever-first solo album. He is even cutting off the appearance on the stage…

I laugh at this because that’s an insult to his marketing department. If you were in YG‘s marketing department wouldn’t you feel insulted at the fact that he just called you incompetent? While our previous posts do say that we wouldn’t be surprised if it was a marketing ploy, we still wouldn’t put it past anyone there. The industry is shady, the workers are smart they just hide it. One can inadvertently come up with something like this situation as a marketing ploy and not even realize it. It happens to everyone, they say something, its done, but then at the same time they don’t even realize what was done.

I’m sure GD thought it would be harmless to release that sample, especially as a gift to his fans to get a taste. But this ‘sample‘, that ‘teaser‘, in essence is subliminal marketing. One release’s samples to get the fans hyped, to get new people to listen; in the end it’s marketing – promoting.

While there is a lot more to the statement that YG released, I’m only touching basis on these two points. Why? Because for the most part I agree with YG in his statement.

We’re not saying that YG and GD did plagiarize, because we don’t think they did. But we do keep an open mind and need to play devil’s advocate. Not everything is black and white when it comes to the entertainment industry. People and fans alike need to realize that there are always two sides to a story, and while we have our opinions, our job is to report and let you, the readers come up with your own conclusions.

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Yamashita Tomohisa is on edge?


Yamapi on edge? Is he bathing in the sensativity that is Kagami!?

On 9/17, Friday has reported that Yamapi took out his model girlfriend, Seira Kagami to a pub for a date.

They say that the pair of lovers were spotted huddled in a corner drinking alcohol together.

“Yamashita and Kagami are not going out. They are nothing more than friends,” says a Johnny’s associate.

The two, though, do know each other that much is known. Kagami hasn’t had a boyfriend in a while, and these two definitely have some type of relationship.

“Lately, Kagami has started going to clubs and singing; at least 2-3 times a month. And Yamashita has been seen going to these clubs. There are times though that it has been unexpected.”

Though their relationship does seem to be good, we’re not exactly sure what it is.

“I’m not really sure when they started seeing each other since this type of stuff is usually kept hidden, but it also looks like he wasn’t able to cut it off completely with Yuu. It doesn’t look like it this time; I get the feeling that this relationship is an inseparable one. And that’s where the rumors come from.”

Even though him and Yuu broke it off, their relationship also seemed like an inseparable one. They’re not sure about Yamashita, but Yuu and Kagami seem to have a friend in common also. Someone said, “The relationship seems to be at a subtle place right now.”

Yamapi’s drama, Buzzer Beat hasn’t been doing so well, not as much as they had hoped. It looks like that this is a scandal that they are just letting go.

“To tell you the truth, the drama’s that Johnnys’ star in haven’t been doing well. The only one that’s done pretty well was Tokuban, which had all the members of SMAP appear and that was at 7%,” said a reporter.

The time for Johnny Kitagawa’s talent is coming to an end with this era. “The ratings only get higher when they have a “ikemen” starring in the drama,” says an industry insider.

source: 芸能探偵

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