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D is for Peace Maker

Visual Rock band, D‘s newest single “Kaze ga mekuru page” (The wind flips the pages), is also the band’s first drama tie-in to Shinsengumi Peace Maker, will be released 3/10 but is available on rechoku for mobile phone.  They will also release their 2nd major debut album “7th Rose” on 3/24, which will have 3 different versions.

CD Only
Release: 3/10
Cat# AVCD-31839
800yen ($8.69)
Pre-Order: CDJ

Release: 3/10
Cat# AVCD-31838
1500yen ($16.29)
Pre-Order: CDJ

Title: 7th Rose
CD Only
Release: 3/24
Cat# AVCD-38014
2857yen ($31.03)
Pre-Order: CDJ

Title: 7th Rose
CD+DVD [Limited Edition]
Extras: 1 of 6 trading cards.
Release: 3/24
Cat# AVCD-38012
3619yen ($39.31)
Pre-Order: CDJ

Title: 7th Rose
CD+Photobook [Limited Edition]
Extras: B5-size photo booklet and 1 of 6 trading cards.
Release: 3/24
Cat# AVCD-38013
3809yen ($41.38)
Pre-Order: CDJ

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Shinya Taniuchi is Leading the Shinsengumi

Shinya Taniuchi of J-Pop group Lead is starring in the drama adaptation of Shisengumi Peace Maker. The comic was popularized a few years ago and is the prequel to “Peace Maker Kurogane.” This live action drama has a pretty amazing ikemen cast.

This is the story of a young boy, Tetsunosuke Ichimura (Suga Kenta), who wants to join the Shinsengumi after witnessing the death of his parents by Choshu rebels before the Meiji Restoration.

Shinya plays Toshizou Hijikata, the ‘demon’ of the Shinsengumi. He accepts Tetsunosuke’s acceptance into the Shinsengumi, but as his page. While he is a major player during those times, we have yet to see how the drama will play out the role. The story revolves around Tetsunosuke and thus far have not seen much of this character.

Also joining Shinya is fellow Takoyaki Boys member, Yusuke Izaki from FLAME. He plays Sanosuke Harada, one of three members who befriend and look after Testu. Yuuta Furukawa joins as Tatsunosuke Ichimura, accountant for the Shinsengumi and Tetsu’s older brother.

D-Boys members Tomo Yanigishita plays Souji Okita, the Shinsengumi’s #1 swordsman; Hirofumi Araki as Choshu rebel leader, Toshimaru Yoshida.

Yuuta Furukawa

Tomo Yanigishita

Hirofumi Araki

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2NE1 is turning heads in Japan

Okay so maybe not all the heads, but BIG store in Shibuya is playing 2NE1 and giving them some pretty good promotions. Since YG has a headquarters in Japan it won’t be surprising to see the ladies of 2NE1 to follow in their sunbae’s footsteps.

Next stop: Japan.. after that .. well who knows where ever YG takes them! Hopefully here in the U.S. of A!

source: letsplay2ne1

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Super Junior jacks Lyle Beniga, part II

So it wasn’t just that one choreography that Super Junior took, earlier in 2009, Eunhyuk of Super Junior used Lyle Beniga‘s “Nike Boots” choreo on another show.



While the fans of SuJu are saying it’s not a big deal, but this is twice now they’ve taken a choreography that isn’t their’s and performed it on national television. That is a big deal to the dance community, it’s disrespectful. Yes everyone always copies someone, that’s a given, but not everyone belongs to a famous group or to a global agency. I didn’t like SuJu before, just because I don’t like their music, but I have lost mad respect for them.

Lyle needs to get paid! That and maybe SM needs to hire him, oh wait they won’t because he choreo’s for the better group.

source: Lyle Beniga’s twitter

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VK has another good-bye…

Visual Kei fans of the band Gakido say good-bye to Piyo, Gakido’s vocalist. The singer died instantly in a fatal car accident on Saturday, 2/13, when the band was heading to Nagoya from Osaka to peform. Piyo (real name Yoshiaki Yamada, 28) was thrown from the car and died on impact; one other member was also thrown from the crown but survived. The minivan contained all six members and one staff member. While everyone else was injured only the drummer TOSSY and the staff member are being hospitalized.

All the members have returned to Tokyo and visited TOSSY and the staff member yesterday (Tokyo time), and that they are doing better.

Piyo last blogged on his ameba on 2/12 several times before the accident.
Yohya said, “Piyo loved to laugh,” that “he would tell people to “laugh”,” and that he “loved the snow,” on his blog.

While we never listened to them, it’s never a good thing when someone dies. I won’t say I’ll miss him because I don’t know nor do I listen to the band, I do hope he rests in peace and hope that the other members get well. Also send prayers out to his family, because it’s not easy losing a loved one.

source: tokyograph

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Big Bang’s Electric Love Bus

Big Bang finally started their 2010 tour in Japan called “ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR.” To commemorate this wonderful occasion they guys designed their own tour bus. The group will be in Japan this month to do their tour and then head back home.

They kicked off their tour in Yokohama Arena yesterday (2/10) and will do another show tonight and will head to Kobe World Hall (13~14), Nippon Budokan (16~17), Osaka and Nagoya.

SeungRi stated, “I can’t wait to go back home [to Korea.]” While G-Dragon informs their fans that “all the preparations have been going smoothly, so please enjoy it to your hearts content.

If your attending the concert tour and have not been informed of the guidelines, you should take a look at their official Japanese website as they have instructions for conduct before, during and after the show; also information on how to give presents to the members, available in Japanese, Korean and English. You can view them here.

If you can’t make it to the concert, have no fear. TBS Channel will be airing a line up of Big Bang concerts for all their fans.

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