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Congratualtions Anna!!


Congratulations are in order for Anna Tsuchiya.

She announced on her blog today that she is three months pregnant. The babies daddy? Why none of other than her stylist, Yamato.

Anna explains on her blog that her, Sky (her five year old son), Yamato and the baby will be happy (get along is what she used) together.

She also says that she will still be doing some lives and to expect some ‘twin’ vocals. That it will “be powerful” and get “everyone hyped up.” But to excuse her ‘chubbiness’.

Congratulations again Anna! And girl, you chubby? I don’t think its possible for you to be.

If your not familiar with Anna, go read one an interview and article one of our own writers wrote!

Anna Tsuchiya: Seducing the world, one song at a time

source: anna’s blog

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[UPDATE] Yamapi is off the market…


For now…

Talking about love lives, its out in the open that NEWS’ member Yamashita Tomohisa has been dating model Seira Kagami for three months.

This un-inviting news to Yamapi fans was discovered on 9/15. The girlfriend, Seira Kagami (22) is half Canadian (father) and half Japanese (mother). They’ve been dating for about three months.

Neither of them have ever worked together but met earlier this year through a mutual friend. According to some people they’ve been dating since the beginning of summer.

Yamapi attended one of Kagami‘s lives in July. Even though he did not stand out too much, people saw the both of the happy together. Kagami apparently also tells some of her most trusted staff members some of their happy times.

Well since the guys’ contracts for not having girlfriend’s is probably lifted, and their fans are older now, it’s good to see news like this out in the open. That or it makes for really great publicity on both their parts, which would explain why JE hasn’t done anything about it yet.

source: yomiuri


Photo’s from Friday magazine showing “Yamapi” and “Seira”. I say in quotes, because the photo’s are not very clear.

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Jang Jin Young passes away

We start the first morning of the ninth month with sad news. Korean model and actress Jang Jin Young lost her battle with stomach cancer this morning (1605 KST).  The model/actress was diagnosed with the disease on 9/22/08 and immediately stopped activities to focus on getting treatment.

Jang Jin re-located to Los Angeles last year to recieve immediate treatment, and was showing improvement. Jang was released on 8/5 and returned to Korea after being released. It was only then her conditioned worsened and she was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul yesterday. Soon after, it was reported by her agency Yedang Entertainment, that the model/actress passed away, leaving many loved ones and fans.

For many this is a tragic loss, for some this is just another sad piece of news. Either way, our hearts go out to her family and her loving boyfriend who was with her every step of the way.

St. Mary’s will be holding a service for anyone who wants to stop by and pay their respects; her funeral will be held on Friday 9/5.

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They were just waiting for it to happen

Remember this scandal? When the company was afraid of people doing something with his “giving the finger” to the camera. Which by the way I really doubt he was, and if he was, he needs to do it right.

Anyways, well thanks to them, someone did and well, we couldn’t help but put it up and share it with all of you. Quite frankly it’s pretty darn funny and I feel sorry for CL. If I were her, I’d demand an apology from Jiyong, because really, he walked in on this one and landed her in the middle of it. He has no one to blame but himself.

photos were sent anonymous

Oh yes and on top of that this, G-Dragon has been sponsored by Louis Vuitton to endorse shoes. LV is one of the most popular brand names around the world. Louis Vuitton has never sponsored anyone in Korea, so G-Dragon is the first celebrity to be endorsed. They have already given him a pair of shoes from Kanye West’s line. The only thing they want from GD is to wear it. The self-proclaimed ‘fashionista’ caught a big fish and gets to bathe in the luxery of sneakers that probably only took $30 to make but really cost $500.

g-dragon louis vuitton

He also twittered about it on his me2day:
g-dragon louis vuitton
Wore the new shoe and tried running around in it ^^ Ahh this is addictive much?
(cited from akp)

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Japan’s top fashion models, JELLY, will be releasing a compilation album, “JELLY meets HOUSE” on 10/7.

The CD will contain 14 songs all by the original artists. The three models are Yuu Yamamoto, Maya Mori and Maiko Takahashi.

jelly meets house

01. A Perfect Sky (BONNIE PINK)
02. Koi ni ochitara (Crystal Kay)
03. Hanamizuki (You Hitoto)
04. Asita e no tobira (I WiSH)
05. Fragile (Every Little Thing)
07. Kokode kiss site (Shiina Ringo)
08. Mimi motoniiruyo … ~Ring the bells~ (Mao Tsutaeda)
09. STORY (AI)
10. Saiai (KOH+)
11. Ienai kotoba (EMI MARIA)
13. Last Song (Utane)
14. (TBA)

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Sayaka Ichii makes a comeback!

sayaka ichii

Everyone just seems to be making a come back this year end. kannivalism is back, now former Morning Musume. and Pucchi Moni member, Sayaka Ichii (25) is making her comeback today (8/25 JST), but not on stage, on screen.

Sayaka has been training this past year, focusing on acting, as her goal is become more of an actress. Even so, she will be starting out as a TV personality and will most likely resume her singing career.

Her first appearance is scheduled for 8/30 on Sunday Japon and will participate in next month’s Tokyo Girls Collection as a model on 9/5. She also opened her official blog, because like everyone else they need one to keep all their stalkers fans informed of their private lives.

Good luck Sayaka, hope your comeback is a success in this time of recession.

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