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Lyle’s answer to Super Junior

A couple of days ago the situation of Super Junior taking choreographer Lyle Beniga‘s “mic check” and “nike boots” choreography was brought to light. Many fans were upset that people like us were saying that they jacked his choreo and were upset at it.

While our opinion doesn’t matter and the only opinion that does matter is Lyle’s, he tweeted a short answer to answer the question about SuJu copying his choreo.

Don’t mind the thing above it… he tweeted this yesterday.

“it doesnt matter if suju claimed dat my choreo was theirs or not, they still used it w/o permish, profitted frm bein on the show & they won! … which is wrong. don’t forget that these are our careers people! ~a quick answer to a repeating question.”

While I’m not sure if he meant to say “it doesn’t” or “it does,” that’s his answer.

By the way, we still think you need to get paid for those two that they took. You earned it!

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