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Super Junior jacks Lyle Beniga, part II

So it wasn’t just that one choreography that Super Junior took, earlier in 2009, Eunhyuk of Super Junior used Lyle Beniga‘s “Nike Boots” choreo on another show.



While the fans of SuJu are saying it’s not a big deal, but this is twice now they’ve taken a choreography that isn’t their’s and performed it on national television. That is a big deal to the dance community, it’s disrespectful. Yes everyone always copies someone, that’s a given, but not everyone belongs to a famous group or to a global agency. I didn’t like SuJu before, just because I don’t like their music, but I have lost mad respect for them.

Lyle needs to get paid! That and maybe SM needs to hire him, oh wait they won’t because he choreo’s for the better group.

source: Lyle Beniga’s twitter

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5 Responses

  1. nadiah says:

    wowo you did a great comments about our idol super junior.yes it is super junior stole someone ideas to be put into their dance moves. we as e.l.f. feel very sorry because our idol just stole your favorite lyle’s moves but i just wanna tell what i feel when you said that you totally mad and lost respect to super junior. just wanna say that i didn’t said anything bad about your idol bigbang because i do like them too. we didnt said anything bad about bigbang and you should paid us by not said anything bad about our idol. yes i know compared to bigbang super junior is not the best idol in korea but we support each others groups just like super junior who support other groups too. you don’t mess with our idol because we also don’t mess with your idol. just imagine that your idol stole someone ideas to put into their dance moves and you read this comments that someone have totally mad lost respect to your idol what you gonna said?what you give you get back. everyone are waiting super junior to fail and break up right.?just think it.

    • suitestaboo says:

      I’ve never liked SuJu that’s a fact. I’m not waiting for them to break up because I personally don’t care. If someone else said they lost respect for whomever I like that’s up to them, that’s a personal opinion and choice. If Big Bang did the same thing I’d lose respect for them too. It goes for any artist even the one’s I do like. Please do not take this post as hate for SuJu. I don’t hate them at all, just wanted to point that out.

      • nadiah says:

        i’m sorry about what i had said just now. you’re right because you have the right to speak what you wanna speak.i’m very sorry for my words just now.peace no war.thank you

  2. lol!

    “.yes it is super junior stole someone ideas to be put into their dance moves”

    no they stole the WHOLE DANCE. not just ideas. Lyles whole choreography was ripped off.

  3. blank says:

    SM entertainment, FIRE your coreographer!

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