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ONE OK ROCK has a complete sense of dreaming

Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK will release a new single “Kansen kankaku Dreamer” next year on 2010.02.03. It’s been two years since the band released anything since the incident that happened with guitarist Alex.

In April of this year, Alex withdrew from the band halting their activities. Then in September the band decided to do a 2009 tour called “ONE OK ROCK 2009 “Overcome Emotion” TOUR” with 22 stops around the country. The tour ended on 11/26 at Zepp Tokyo where they performed their upcoming single “Kansen kankaku Dreamer.”

The single will have three songs, Kansen Kankaku Dreamer, Hitorigoto Lonelier and Ring Wandering. First press of the single will include a DVD from the 9/5 show at Shinjuku LOFT.

ONE OK ROCK will also be touring next year in June and July 2010 with stops in Sendai, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kyoto all at Zepp and the final 2-days at Zepp Tokyo.

source: natalie

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