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No Sleeves celebrates their 1 year anniversary

AKB48’s Haruna Kojima, Minami Takahashi and Minami Minegishi celebrated the release of their third single called “Kiss no Ryuusei.” The three members are apart of AKB48 and like Hello! Project formed a seperate 3-man unit called No Sleeves.

The event was also to celebrate the groups one year anniversary as the single will be released the day the group actually debuted one year ago. The event “Handshake and falled star!?” was held on 11/27 at Tokyo Dome’s La Qua Gardens, in which 4000 fans came and adorned the girls with much love. To help celebrate with them comedian duo Bad Boys came out to MC the event.

There are four versions of “Kiss no Ryuusei“, in which three of them come with DVDs.

Limited Edition A (Kojima ver.)

no sleeves
Limited Edition B (Takahashi ver.)

no sleeves
Limited Edition C (Minegishi ver.)

no sleeves
Regular Edition

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  1. nirvgardengod says:

    hope there’s many more anniversaries

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