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Did Namie Amuro plagiarize?

First it was G-Dragon who was under the scrutiny of Korean netizens, this time its Japanese artist Namie Amuro.

South Korean magazine has stated that Amuro’s cover for her upcoming album “PAST < FUTURE” is a copy and Japan’s netizens on 2ch are calling it an “international disgrace” and are saying that the cover should be changed immediately. Japan is very proud of its top stars so for a Korean fashion magazine to publish this is a disgrace, especially since South Korea has been ‘plagiarizing’ (so to speak) Japan (i.e. the TV/variety shows) earlier this year.

Amuro who will release her new album “PAST < FUTURE” after 2-years has gained popularity all over Asia. She is a Oricon Chart topper and is voted as ‘most liked celebrity’ and ‘nicest female artist and lifestyle’ (ok its something along those lines, not exactly).

This album is expected to sell more than 500K just in the first week alone. Last year her album, “the best Fiction (BEST FICTION)” sold over 1,800,000, so this album is no exception.

Who caught this album jacket fluke is David from a fashion magazine, who remembers seeing the same picture from a past March issue with Russian model Vlada Roslyakova.  Amuro’s jacket photo is almost exactly the same in both composition and hairstyle.

While I am loving the cover of her new album, she really should change it. Korean netizens were all over G-Dragon‘s so-called ‘plagiarism’, but now Japanese netizens are all over Amuro’s, especially since it’s from a Korean fashion magazine. I still love Amuro so she’ll still get much love and support from us. Technically netizen’s shouldn’t blame her, its her production team who came up with the idea (I think) so they should be blaming her management, she’s just the talent.

release date: 2009.12.16
AVCD-38010 / 3990yen (Tax incl.) $43.53USD
Pre-Order: CDJ
Track list:
2. Dr.
8. Steal my night
9. Shut Up
10. The Meaning Of Us
11. Defend Love
3. The Meaning Of Us (MV)
4. Defend Love (MV)
5. WILD (MV)
6. Dr. (MV)

release date: 2009.12.16
AVCD-38011 / 3059yen (Tax incl.) $33.37USD

source: kukinews

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7 Responses

  1. Victoria says:

    I love Namie, too! I am scared for her I wonder if she knows that thi sis going on and will be able to turn it all around for her big break, if her album is expected to sell over 500,000 copies in its opening and up to 1 million copies sold. I am excpecting big things from Namie and this i wouldn’t have expected I don’t want her to get into trouble. You are right it isn’t her fault. I hope and wishes she does not get into trouble that she can maintain her fan base.

  2. lola says:

    Plagiarism or quoting? I mean come on, Japan has always been “borrowing”.

    Originality is so over-rated. It’s doing it convincingly that counts. If she can make it her own, does not look uncomfortable or out of place in it, then I don’t care if it’s plagiarized or not.

    As if I’d buy the album for the cover originality! Namie’s bigger than any dinky cover idea. It’d sell even with a different cover. So lay off her.

  3. Sammie says:

    I agree, I think it’s her stylist and manager, or even avex trax. Namie doesn’t even write her lyrics, they’re provided for her, as she is a vocalist and performer.

    I believe it is the fault of them, and lack of creativity, or it also could be that they wanted to do their take on it and just got it a little too close.

    I don’t think it will do a thing to her career wise.

    As far as South Korea, they don’t have a Namie *tear* they’d better be nice and maybe she’ll have a concert there. n__n

  4. vung says:

    idc if she did or..should i say the production company or whatever is responsible for her cover image
    i don’t give a shit about that cover
    it’s the songs
    holla ~

  5. Sammie says:

    I completely agree.

  6. aditmisaki says:

    welll, maybe she’s just got inspire, not plagiarizing~ LOL

  7. tonii says:


    yeah right.

    i am a big namie amuro fan. a die hard even.
    if there is such a big hubbub about this plagiarism thingy, why haven’t i heard or read about it?


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