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The most anticipated drama songs of 2009

Tsutaya online has released another poll, “What 2009 drama theme song are you looking forward to?

Here are the results:

10 Lecca – My measure (Gine Sanfujinka no onnatachi)
09 MISIA – Aitakuteima (JIN)
08 Misako Sakazume – Kitto Daijobu (Real Crows)
07 UVERworld – Kanashimi wa kitto (Shokoshijo Sarah)
06 TOKIO – Asa ga mata kuru (ROMES Kuukou bougyou system)
05 Arashi – Tokei jikake no umbrella (0 goushi no kyaku)
04 GIRL NEXT DOOR – Orion (Untouchables)
03 Arashi – My Girl (My Girl)
02 EXILE – Futasu no kuchibiru (Tokyo DOGS)

and #1 goes to….

BIG BANG with “Koe wo kikasete” (Let me hear your voice) for the new drama “Ohitorisama” starring Koike Teppei and Arisa Mizuki.

source: tsutaya

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