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FT Island says “So long, Au revoir” to Japan

Korean pop band FT Island has announced the release of their very first full length Japanese album “So long, Au revoir” on 12/16. They will also hold a one man live at Zepp Tokyo on 12/23 to celebrate their album release.

Last month (October), the group released their third Japanese single “Raining.” After that release an album containing 11 songs was in the works including all three singles.

The last time they went to Japan they had a flood of fans waiting for them. Now their fans will get a taste of them just in time for the holidays.

Pre-order their first Japanese album “So long, Au revoir” on CD Japan or Amazon Japan.

I was never really a fan of this group till I turned on the TV and I saw their “I hope” PV on MYX. I’m really excited to hear how this album will turn out. I wonder why I don’t hear so much about them in Japanese media. It’s a real shame, they’re not Big Bang or Tohoshinki, but these guys are pretty talented and they’re an actual band not ‘boy band’. I like their Japanese releases, more so than I like Big Bang’s.

Check them out I think you guys will like them too, if you have not heard their Japanese songs yet.

and for kicks, because I really like this song, “I hope“.

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