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AKB48’s Tomomi Kasai on Twitter!

AKB48 member Tomomi Kasai has jumped on the band wagon of twits. Twitter that is. On 11/27 at the Ebisu Garden room, she will be doing a collaboration event with the webs most popular “What are you doing?” sites, called “Tomo~michan koto Kasai Tomomi’s “Sweet Tweet” Vol.1.”

Tomomi first appeared on Twitter last month on 10/27 with “Good evening everyone☆★it’s my first tweet(/∀\*) This is really exciting♪everyone please follow me.

The event will be in real-time and held by Daisuke Tsuda (@ogawakazuhiro) (journalist /@tsuda). Tsuda wrote a book called “Easy guide to Twitter” and a new book called “Twitter debate~The new real time web trend“. It was his idea along with Tomomichan for this event. There is no charge to participate in this event, but once 140 participants have been reached, they will no longer take anymore.

You can follow Tomomi at @tomoomichan and participate at the Sweet Tweet site. This is a real twitter account so all you AKB48 fans start following.

I think is a very cool idea. She will be to interact with all her fans. Although it would be better for her if they could figure out a way to include her overseas fans. It’s a shame its only for the Japanese fans. Twitter is now the portal for all celebrities to keep in touch with their fans.  Go Tomochan we are rooting for you!

source: sweet tweet, natalie

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