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Oricon Charts

Oricon Daily Rankings for the week of Wednesday, October 21, 2009.

2 AAA – Hide-away
3 Cheryl Nom starring May’N  – pink monsoon [Limited | Normal]
4 Ken Hirai – Boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru (Limited Release w/DVD)
5 B’z – MY LONELY TOWN [LimitedNormal]
6 Ui Hirosawa (Madoka Yonezawa) – Lovely Sister LOVE (K-ON! Image song)
7 Nodoka Manabe (Chika Fujito) – Coolly Hotty Tension Hi!! (K-ON! Image song)
8 Kana Nishino – motto…
9 Kiyoshi Hikawa- Tokimeki no Rumba
10 Naotarou Moriyama – Namida [Limited | Normal]

1 Aqua Timez – The BEST of Aqua Timez [Limited | Normal]
2 Ayaka – ayaka’s History 2006-2009 [Photobook | Limited | Normal]
4 Backstreet Boys – This Is Us [Limited | Normal]
5 m-flo – MF10-10th Anniversary Best
6 Madonna – Celebration [Limited (2CD)| Normal]
7 the pillows – ooparts [Limited | Normal]
8 KomeKome Club – SUNRICE [Limited A| Limited BNormal]
9 SEAMO – Best of SEAMO [Limited A | Limited B | Normal]
10 YU-A – You Are My Love [Limited | Normal]

*All Limited Editions come with a DVD.

1 Shonannokaze – Kaze Densetsu -Nuretamanma de Icchatte Tour ’09
2 BREAKERZ – BREAKERZ LIVE 2009 “WISH” in Nippon Budokan
3 Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009 [DVDBlu-ray]

4 Tohoshinki – 4th Live Tour 2009 -The Secret Code- Final in Tokyo Dome
5 MADONNA – Celebration
6 Dreams Come True – 20th Anniversary Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2009 “Dori Shitemasu?” [Limited | Normal | Blu-ray]
7 KinKi Kids – KinKi you DVD [LimitedNormal]
8 20th Centery/Coming Century – 20th Century Live Tour 2009 Honey Honey Honey / We are Coming Century Boys Live Tour 2009 [LimitedNormal]
9 Kariyushi 58 – kariyushi TV Sono 1
10 Kanjani8 – Tour 2009 PUZZLE 8 show Document

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B2ST is working it


B2ST is selling like ice cream on a hot summer day. Five thousand pre-orders sold before the groups’ debut. After their initial debut with their new single, “Bad Girl” another five thousand copies were ordered.

There was originally 5000 pre-orders, but after their debut stage and album release, 5000 more was immediately ordered. It’s really unusual and almost unheard of to see a rookie group getting over 10,000 ordered albums… I think BEAST is getting more and more attention as people look at their performance and hear their songs. I think they’re garnering interest because of the quality of the songs and their outstanding skills,” said one of B2ST’s representatives.

Well its good that they think they are garnering fans through skill. That means real fans and not falsified fans who like them because they look like Big Bang good.

Will they keep climbing like monkey’s or will the fall like leaves off a tree during Fall? Only time will tell.

Okay so we couldn’t help but notice the “wanna be” Big Bang in the photo.

Now I know what your thinking, “All Asians look the same.” While this is true, can you really look at that photo and not think “Big Bang”? Especially the pose, look, style, and feel? I couldn’t find a TaeYang, but that one next to GD has a TaeYang/SeungRi feeling, don’t you think? The hair, eyes, facial features in essence scream SeungRi, yet the pose, jaw line, and glove say TaeYang. As for “Daesung”, I know the nose is all wrong, but it does look like him with a nose job. And just imagine TOP finally taking of the long sleeves. Now his arms may or may not look like that guys’ arm, but it’s good imagery is it not?

Check the B2ST’s debut MV, “Bad Girl“.

source: allkpop

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If Big Bang was gay this is what they’d look like.


Because some people took the word ‘gay’ or ‘gayer’ in the wrong way, we apologize (no we’re not being sarcastic), but all it was meant to say was, “If Big Bang was made to dress(look) in that style, this is what they would look like. Metro sexual is probably the phrase to put them.” Big Bang doesn’t dress like that (in coordination with each other), and MBLAQ does look fruity, even in their promo poster. I know half of you agree, that promo poster was just screaming everything that isn’t straight. Concept or not, if you’re going to dress, pose, look feminine like that, you’re asking for whatever comes to you. Plus they look like a wanna be Big Bang (music wise, not actual looks).

While a lot of people will like this group because Rain made them and/or because they think they’re cute; I personally don’t like a group based on looks (even if it does help). I gave them a shot, and it failed. So, I guess next time we’ll make a longer entry to explain things, rather than write a really short thought on something.

But the word ‘gay’ means happy. If people will always constantly take things to offense, we can’t help that. Not everyone has the same opinion. Not everyone wants to sit and explain things in a through manner. Unfortunately in our society, labels are used because when you use a ‘label’, people automatically know what you’re talking about. If you took that “gay” label as how society makes it out to be, then you’re just as guilty of using labels, even if you don’t mean it in a derogatory manner. People may not like labels, but people use them to describe others, just like preppy, nerd, diva, bitch, goth, punk, etc.

We have nothing against gay people. In fact we have a gay/lesbian writer on here, and they didn’t seem affected by what was said.

But the very short entry has turned into a long one now and not even about the group anymore.

I feel like this is similiar to the Jay Park situation (just on a cheaper scale obviously). Poor guy, said one thing and it gets blown out of proportion and gets thrown out of a country. We say one thing, and we “suck”.

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TaeYang is asking WHERE U AT?

TaeYang just released his new digital single, “Where U At?

I’m not going to go into details other than Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo totally kill this choreo. So does TY.  So it’s safe to say that Shaun wasn’t only doing GD, but TaeYang’s project while he was in Korea.

What I want to know, is how come they come up with sick choreo’s for TaeYang, but when it comes to GD, its just not as intricate or looks just as awesome. Oh well. Here you go.

Enjoy the coolness of this song and the choreo because the choreo is sick. And the fact that Lyle and Shaun are both in it makes it cooler. That means the level of skills were all up to par and not lacking.

While I’m at it, here’s a piece that Lyle did for the movie FAME. It’s the Halloween piece.

Also a Lyle with s**t kingz workshop tour in Tokyo. This is just too cool not to show. I always love how you can tell if an American choreographed it as opposed to a Japanese.

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Is Becky Cruel the new Leah Dizon?

becky cruel

Who is Beckii Cruel? She’s a 14-year old girl from Britain who will make her Japanese debut on 12/9 with a DVD titled, “This is Beckii Cruel.

Some are dubbing her the next Leah Dizon.  We don’t think so but whatever floats Japan’s boat.

Becky was discovered by her Youtube videos that she posted. She would post videos of herself dancing to anime theme songs. She received so many hits and recognition by NicoNico. She even has her own community thread on there.

She will be taking stage on the 10/25 at the Akihabara Entertainment Festival.

You know if this is the way to get discovered, I’m starting to think that some of us need to put up some cheesy videos just so we can debut in Japan too.

Links to Beckii
Beckii’s Youtube
NicoNico Video
NicoNico Community 1 and 2

source: sanspo

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Keita Tachibana and Koike Teppei attend drama event


The cast of new TBS drama “Ohitorisama” was held today (10/13).

The story is about a 33-year old teacher (Arisa Mizuki) who falls for her junior of 10 years (Koike Teppei). It’s a romantic comedy.

Arisa Mizuki and Koike Teppei are both excited for this drama, as it’s been a while since a romantic comedy like this has been aired.

Mizuki stated with a smile that, “there are a lot of dramas out there where it’s about children and housewives, so doing this kind of drama is quite refreshing.”

Also at the event was Keita Tachibana (w-inds.), who will also be starring in the drama as Teppei’s best friend.


source: sanspo

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