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What’s your wedding song?

Tsutaya surveyed the question: What song would you want for your wedding?

Pretty cool question as there are tons of songs to choose from, especially in Japan since they all sing about love anyways.

1 DEEN – Celebrate
2 Arashi – One Love
3 KinKi Kids – Ai no katamari
4 DEEN – Dear Friend
5 Namie Amuro – CAN YOU CELEBRATE?
6 DEEN – Kono mama kimi dake wo ubaisaritai
8 Itsuka
9 Koichi Domoto – Ai no jyuujika
10 Kyosuke Himuro – Diamond Dust

Honestly, I thought Amuro would have topped this one with “CAN YOU CELEBRATE?,” that song was number one for over a year in Japan in 1997. But it is one of those “love it or hate it” songs. I know my siblings can’t stand that. I really don’t know about number eight since there was no artist attached to that title. I am surprised that DEEN took the win for having three of their songs on this list. The last DEEN song I remember is from 1995 when they did the theme song to Dragon Ball Z.

For my wedding song I’d want my soon-to-be spouse to write it and sing it, if he can sing. If he can’t he better hire someone who can.

What would be your wedding song?

source: tsutaya

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  1. shippo says:

    hum.. i don’t know about other song but i totally agress with arashi’s one love. the lyrics really romantic and if my boyfriend singing chorus part for me (especially when he proposed) i definitely feel special and happy

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