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Yuu Shirota confined to his home

shirota yuu

Actor, Yuu Shirota has also contracted influenza A and has been confined to his home. He will not leave until he is fully recovered. His agency announced and confirmed this via fax to all media publications.

Right now Shirota’s temperature is normal and should be headed to a full recovery.

Four days ago Shirota went to the hospital because he wasn’t feeling very good. He complained that his physical condition was bad and was checked to see if he had contracted the strain. After being diagnosed with the strain, his doctor told him to stay home and cancel all work activities until he is completely cured.

They keep coming one by one, we’re starting to think we need to just have a page dedicated to all the celebrities in that country that are infected.

Well I hope he listens to the doctor because it’s only been one day and another person caught this nasty virus.

source: sanspo

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