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Shaun Evaristo & Lyle Beniga for Tae Yang

lyle shaun aimee yongbae

So maybe it’s not Shaun choreographing TaeYang‘s new song “WHERE U AT“, maybe it’s Shaun’s friend Lyle Beniga. Or maybe they both are working on more than one song for TaeYang?

Lyle twittered on 9/29, “leaving 2day…Just wanna say m/v is gonna look amazing & I’m very proud of YB!!

lyle twitter

Shaun also just came back from Korea two to three days ago. He even posted a photo of Tae Yang and Aimee when they went to eat. So it’s possible that they [Shaun and Lyle] both choreographed for Tae Yang.

That or Shaun was there choreographing one of GD‘s new songs and it happened to be at the same time. Also since Aimee Lucas was with Shaun this time in Seoul, does this mean that she was choreographing for 2NE1‘s new album? Or was she there just to hang out?

Either way, it’s just cool that YG has some of the world’s most wicked choreographers coming to choreo for one of Korea’s best hip hop idols.

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3 Responses

  1. bigbang4eva says:

    omg sorry but i HATE aimee ><
    did you see what she was doing with gd during the breathe thingy?!
    and people are all cool about it too! gds not a man! hes only 21. if someone like zac efron did that, people would make SUCH a big hype out of it. i hope she stops working with bb :O

    • suitestaboo says:

      Really?? I like Aimee, she’s a really good choreographer and dancer. Besides it’s just a show O_O

    • mikyung says:

      hahah chill. i think she’s actually TOLD to do it. she’s not the one planning the concept of the concert you know. i bet if you were the one in aimee’s position, you wouldn’t object doing that to gd. hahahhaa.

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